10 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Gold and Secure Your Wealth

Do you know that Gold is the only item that is immune to inflation and that does not respect geopolitical boundaries? A lot of investments fail and lose their values in the time of inflation or economic downturn but like real estate, gold investment continues to appreciate over time. This is why you must invest in gold and secure your finance from being eroded by inflation or any form of political instability in your country.

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Recently, there have been frenzies about the prospects in cryptocurrencies and other HYIPs but a lot of them have also shown that they cannot be relied on in terms of long term investment. They are not inflation proof and they can be eroded by any regional instability. But we have been hearing about gold since Biblical time (Remember the building of God’s temple in Jerusalem using gold) and yet it continues to be valuable till now. Instead of reducing, the value keeps appreciating every year and wise people are now considering investing in things that are proven to be stable and regularly appreciating. While paper currencies like dollars, pound sterling, naira and the rest keep being bashed by inflation, gold refuses to lose its worth.

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This post shall show you 10 reasons why you must invest in gold and secure your wealth, how you can own gold, and how to invest in gold. It will also show you two trusted gold brokers that will help you to purchase the right quality of gold and assist you in keeping them in a safe place until you need them.

Why should you invest in gold?

You might be thinking that gold is no longer relevant in our modern day world, and since it is no longer used as a means of exchange it should be discarded. But you are deadly wrong. We shall look at why you need to have a rethink and reason along with other financial experts and the great economies of the world. So, why invest in gold?

1. Gold Preserves Wealth

Gold has been tested and proven to preserve wealth for several thousands of generations. Why this is true, the same cannot be said of paper-denominated currencies which easily lose their values in times of inflation.

For instance, in the 1960s, an ounce of gold went for about $20. If you had an opportunity to keep the $20 in cash or to hold an ounce of gold, both would have been able to afford an item (let’s say a pair of Italian leather shoes) at the time. But currently, after several years, your $20 would have suffered and lost much of its value due to inflation and as such, it would not be able to purchase the pair of shoes anymore. But the ounce of gold would still be able to buy your shoes when converted into currency at its present market price.

2. Gold remains a safe haven

Wherever you are, whether in America, Asia, Africa or Europe, gold remains secure in times of political, ethnic or financial uncertainties. While paper money easily loses its value when there is political upheaval or natural disaster, the value of gold remains intact. You can easily put it up for sale and people from other locations would buy it, without you losing a penny.alt="10 reasons why you must invest in gold"

3. Gold is relevant to modern economy

If you think that gold has no bearing in the modern economy, then you are making a huge mistake. The wise question to ask would be, why are the International Monetary Fund and some other Central Banks across the world still maintaining their reserve sheets in gold? They are currently holding on to about 20% of the world’s above-ground gold supply. That shows you there’s something they are not telling you.

4. Gold is a way of diversifying investment

One of the 10 reasons why you must invest in gold is that gold is a way of diversifying your investment portfolio. There is this saying that it is not good to put all of one’s eggs in a single basket. Since other forms of paper currency trades and stocks are not completely immune to inflation and other uncertainties, it would be wise, therefore, to have other investments in case of the aforementioned economic quagmires. Gold provides that escape route that real estate, stocks or bonds might not be able to offer you.

5. Gold business is transparent

While other investment environments remain laden with secrecy, huge executive bonuses, and shoddy contracts, gold business remains relatively transparent. This is one of the reasons why a lot of investors continue to troop into gold business.

6. The demand is high

Emerging economies in Asia are aware of the importance of this royal commodity and they are doing everything legally possible to get their own share. For instance, while gold is a part of the requirement for traditional weddings in India, it is a traditional form of savings in China. The Chinese government even encourages its citizens to continue to invest in gold because of the financial security it holds for their future.

7. Gold is fairly scarce

One of the reasons why gold is expensive and maintaining a steady climb is because it is scarce. There has been a gradual decrease in the available gold bullion in central banks. So, as the supply from central banks continue to decrease, coupled with a declining mining output, the price of gold will continue to appreciate.

8. Its purchasing power is strong during deflation

During the periods of recession, while the prices of other goods decrease and there is a slowdown in business activities, debt burdens continue to rise. The only product that has a strong cushion against deflation is gold. At this time, its purchasing power continues to skyrocket even when others wane.

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9. It is easy to maintain

Unlike real estate or other forms of investment, gold incurs only minimal maintenance or storage fee. You do not need to keep paying for repairs or fixing of broken doors, windows, toilet, etc. You keep gold for the future and collect it when you need it.

10. Gold is highly portable and easy to sell

The final but not the least among the 10 reasons why you must invest in gold is that the commodity is highly portable and easy to sell. Gold is portable, meaning that you can take it along in your pocket anywhere you go. It can also be sold anytime because it is highly liquid. Once a gold bullion dealers verifies your commodity, he is ready to buy it on the spot without the need for middlemen or any other transaction bottlenecks.

How Do We Own Gold?

You can invest in gold or own gold in different ways. These include investing in:
• Gold mutual funds
• Gold Futures
• Gold Bullion
• Gold Companies
• Gold Jewelry
• Gold Coins
• Gold ETF.

How Do I Invest in Gold?

You may be interested in investing in gold but lack the necessary experience to do so. You don’t have to worry! A lot of gold bullion owners were like you but today, they are sitting on a huge gold investment. Not having the prerequisite experience shouldn’t deter you from investing in gold as there are professional hands to help you out.

We shall take a look at two trusted and fool-proof places where you can acquire gold from. They are Gold Broker and Regal Assets. Now, let’s tell you a little about each of these investment assistants.

Gold Brokers

Gold Brokers is a company that helps people like you to purchase gold and also keeps them in safe custody. You only need to open a personal account with them, verify your identity and then give them the money to make purchase from their highly trusted sources using their connections.

They open a storage account for you in your own name, sign a storage contract with you and issue you a Storage Certificate which you can use anytime to claim your gold. Nobody has access to the storage; you can collect your gold upon presenting your storage certificate. Your investment is safe and sure. Your gold is stored in a secured storage outside the banking system in Zurich, Singapore, Toronto and New York, and they also provide the shipping services you may need.

With Gold Brokers, you can never make any mistake and you will never invest in the wrong or fake product. They’ve been in this business for several years and have helped various people to diversify into the gold business. To take an advantage of the investment opportunities, head to Gold Brokers to open your free account now. You can also sign up by using the form on the right sidebar of this site.

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Regal Assets

Regal Assets has been around for pretty long and they have been featured on Forbes, Inc.500, SmartMoney, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, Business Week, The Street, and Reuters, and rated the #1 Gold Company 7 years in a roll. They also have a BBB rating of A+. They are highly experienced in gold investments and can equally help you set up your portfolio.

Just like Gold Brokers, Regal Assets will help you create your investment account and take care of all the headaches of making the purchases and getting the legal framework in place to be sure your business is secure. You can rely on Regal Assets to do the job for you. Go to the site now and open your free account.


Investing in gold does not only help in diversifying your investments, it also ensures that your assets are not devalued by inflation or deflation. The value of this royal commodity keeps appreciating with time and it is never affected negatively by regional conflicts, political upheaval or natural disaster. It remains the best place to put your money and go to sleep with both eyes closed.

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