40 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs to Promote and Make at Least $200 Per Sale

Making money with affiliate programs can be such an exciting experience but getting to know the highest paying affiliate programs to promote or even having them approve you into their program can sometimes be an herculean task. Due to the level of commission involved, the competition is quite high and as such, a lot of intending affiliates easily get discouraged along the line. But should you just give up like that and settle for something that may not fetch you money in the long run? I really don’t think so.

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Some time ago, I wrote a post about the 11 HIGHEST PAYING AFFILIATE NICHES TO PROMOTE and I will advise you to read it in case you’ve not done so. The information in that post is quite different from what we have on this one. The post contains information on other programs that are also paying huge affiliate commissions.

In this post, I shall be talking about 40 highest paying affiliate programs to promote and make at least $200 per sale, the amount each of them is paying, the link through which to join, the cookie life and other relevant information that would help you. But always remember that you need almost the same effort in promoting affiliate programs that pay little commissions as well as well as for those high ticket affiliate programs that pay huge commission. Why settle for crumbs since they need the same efforts?

There’s also another post you may love to read if you are interested in sending a referral to the affiliate program just once and then sit back to enjoy the dividends for the rest of your life. On this post which I titled “Top 14 Affiliate programs With Lifetime Commissions”, you will see those affiliate programs that offer you such opportunities and make you work less but earn commission for a lifetime.

Disclosure: As you may have noticed, the link in this post is my affiliate link. Some of these links enable me to receive some commissions from the vendors when you click on them to buy a product or subscribe to a plan. This enables me to make this site free instead of charging a monthly membership fee. Please, note that the commission paid to me comes directly from the vendor’s cut and does not affect the amount you pay. Kindly use this link to make purchase in order to help me keep this site free and regularly update it. Thanks.

Having seen those previous posts, it’s now time to get down to business and face the reason why we are here today. Remember we are looking at how to earn more affiliate commissions and make more money from home. So what are those top paying affiliate programs we should look out for?

40 highest paying affiliate programs

This list is made up of the top 40 highest paying affiliate programs but not arranged in their order of importance:

Web Hosting

1. Cybercon Web Hosting:

Affiliate Commission : 50% of sales

This is arguably my best performing affiliate program for now. In less than one year of building this site and joining them, I made over $1,000 from Cybercon alone. The conversion rate is encouraging and the affiliate commission is huge.

What is Cybercon by the way? Cybercon is a web hosting company with quality service and one of the sites with the best customer rating. You hardly see negative ratings from their customers regarding their services. They are delivering quality service to both small and big companies hence the good conversion rate.

Cybercon Affiliate Program

Cybercon helps you earn real huge income as an affiliate. You get a whopping 50% on every sale you deliver to them. Mind you, their Linux/Windows Colocation Cage alone goes for $2,630/month. Imagine getting one or two people who are interested in that. You receive your affiliate payment once your account balance is up to $100 and payment is through Check, PayPal, Amazon pay, etc.

You can decide to offer your referrals further discount by giving them between 10% or 20% discount if they sign up through your link. In that case, Cybercon will first subtract the 10% or 20% discount before sharing the remaining gain in the ratio of 50:50
Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Use this link to get extra 20% discount

2. Liquid Web Hosting

Affiliate Commission: Up to $150 – $1,125 per sale
Liquid Web Hosting is another web hosting company that pays one of the highest affiliate commissions in their niche. Some of the services they offer include Storage & Backup, Software Services, Database Hosting, Network Services, Security Services, Log Management, Mail Hosting, etc

They are quite experienced in their jobs and are trusted by their numerous customers to deliver quality services. They also offer Storm add-ons, Managed WordPress, Dedicated Add-ons, Storm cloud servers, Hosting essentials, Dedicated servers and VPS hosting.

Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Like I earlier mentioned, with Liquid Web affiliate program, you can earn as much as $150 to $1,125 per sale, which is why they are one of the best paying affiliate programs in the web hosting niche. If you refer a customer who signs up for dedicated server hosting, you get your commission as well as a recurring 5% commission on the same account. You only get $100 one-time payment on storm server.
Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here to get 33% off

Gold IRAs

3. Gold Broker

Affiliate Commission: 20% on net commissions, €170 ($200) CPA
Gold Broker acts as a broker site for buyers and sellers of gold. Gold is one of the few products that are not easily affected by inflation and they keep appreciating like real estate. Everyone wants to have some gold assets and one of the places to actualize your dream is to come to Gold Broker and create your own account with them. As people are encouraged to invest in gold, it provides an opportunity for you to secure your future

Gold Broker Affiliate Program

Gold Broker is, no doubt, one of the best paying affiliate programs to make you wealthy. There are two main plans available – revenue sharing and CPA. With revenue sharing, you earn 20% commission on the net commission generated by each referral you send. You keep earning 20% commission each time the referral makes purchases. With this, your earnings are almost unlimited. The CPA earns you €170 ($200) per sale irrespective of the amount invested.
Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

4. Regal Assets

Affiliate Commission: 3% per sale, 2% on 2nd tier and $30-$100 per verified lead
Regal Assets is one of the Gold IRA sites where people can trade in gold. Of course, you know that gold is a highly valuable asset to invest in especially to secure your retirement. The product keeps appreciating because it is pretty scarce and durable. Instead of keeping your money in the banks where they yield meager interests, why not invest in gold?

Regal Assets Affiliate Program

Regal Assets is one of the highest paying affiliate programs online. You earn 3% commission on each sale referred to them, up to $30,000 in commission. Why is the commission this high? A lot of people invest highly in gold and spend huge money doing so. Apart from making commissions from referring buyers, you also earn a 2nd tier commission of 2% on the commissions made by your referrals. In addition, you get $30-$100 on each verified lead.
Affiliate Signup link: Click Here

Website: Here

Bitcoin Trading

5. Local Bitcoins

Affiliate Commission: 20% on transactions made by your referrals
Everyone knows how hot the demand for Bitcoin is at the moment and how expensive and impossible it is to get one if you are an average income earner. But LocalBitcoin makes it possible for you to acquire Bitcoin even if it’s not easy to do so.

LocalBitcoins simply makes it possible for Bitcoin sellers and buyers to meet and transact business. Buyers and sellers from different countries are connected on the platform. Sellers display the quantity of Bitcoin they have and how much they are willing to sell. Interested buyers then get in touch if the prices appeal to them.

LocalBitcoin Affiliate Program

LocalBitcoin affiliate program makes it possible for you to acquire Bitcoin even though you have no money to make purchases. With the program, you get 20% commission on the LocalBitcoin fee for the trading made by the person you refer. The more buyers and sellers you refer to them the more commissions you earn.
Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

From the USA? Click Here

6. Bitbond

Affiliate Commission: 30% on each lender’s transaction and 20% on the borrower’s
Bitbond provides a conducive environment for Bitcoin p2p lending, earning interest with Bitcoin lending, accessing Bitcoin loans, getting loans for eBay seller, diversifying your portfolio globally, etc. For anyone looking for a place to acquire Bitcoin, this is the right place to make your dreams come true.

Bitbond Affiliate Program

If you missed out on the original opportunity to acquire Bitcoins, this affiliate program now makes it possible to do so as your earnings are usually paid in Bitcoins. You earn 50% of Bitbond’s original fee as your affiliate commission. You earn 30% on the investment made by each lender you refer and also 20% on the original fee paid by any borrower you refer. Cookie life is 30 days and you earn commissions for 2 years from the period the referral signs up
Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

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Medical Equipment

7. Massage Chairs

Affiliate Commission: 5% – 7%
Massage Chairs is one of the high paying affiliate programs to promote because they’ve got a huge affiliate commission to offer you. These chairs are in high demand because of the medical and physical benefits they offer to the users. An average massage chair could sell for as high as $7500. This is why the income potential is quite encouraging for those who want to make money online.

Some of the products you can easily promote and earn money from include, Zero gravity massage chairs, foot roller massage chairs, L-Track massage chairs, 3D roller massage chairs, heat therapy massage chairs, etc. Their chairs come with a minimum 2-year free, limited warranty program.

MassageChairs Affiliate Program

Massage Chairs affiliate program pays handsomely. There are three levels of affiliate commissions available: Silver level (5% commission), Gold level (6% commission) and Platinum level (7% commission). Besides, you get rewarded when a buyer repeats purchase within 60 days. Cookie life is 60 days. Their compensation plan makes them one of the highest paying affiliate programs you should promote and make at least $200 per sale from home.
Website: Visit Website!

I have made this post into an e-book so that you can read it at your convenience.

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8. Massage Chair Deals

Affiliate Commission: 7% per sale
Massage Chair Deals is a place to get standard massage chairs to massage your body, prevent aches, keep your muscles relaxed and improve your muscle tones. They deal on different brands of massage chairs like the Osaka, Apex, Titan and Infinity. Equally available are Zero Gravity, 3D Rollers, extended Rollers, Foot Rollers, Stretching, Heat Therapy, Shoulder Massage, Deep pressure Massage, and Inversion.

Massage Chair Deals Affiliate Program

Massage Chair Deals is also another quality affiliate program that you can promote. You earn 7% on each sale referred to them. With this program, you can easily earn $400 and above per sale. There are several brands that you can promote to your readers:
Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair: Click Here

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Zero Gravity Massage Chair: Click Here

Apex AP-Pro Regent 4D Massage Chair: Click Here
Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair: Click Here

9. CSA Medical Supply

Affiliate Commission: 12% per sale
CSA Medical Supply is a leading supplier of medical equipment such

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