Arvixe Webhosting Affiliate Programme

Arvixe is a trusted name when it comes to websites and blogs hosting. Their hosting packages have numerous and rich features, and their prices are fair. It is wise to consider Arvixe when it comes to hosting your business or personal blogs.

A lot of reviewers tag Arvixe web hosting as the best web hosting company as a result of the simplicity of its interface and cPanel. Apart from the user-friendly interface, they make sure their customers are truly satisfied due to effective service delivery. The features and tools make it really easy for to maintain and modify your hosting account and services according to your desire. Their pricing is quite moderate, and could easily be the best for you if you are on a lean budget.

The Best Cost effective Web Host 2011 Q1 was won by Arvixe. Their web hosting plans range from $2.80/month to $3.50/month, making them of the cheapest in the industry. Though their packages are cheap, their services remain unbeatable.

Arvixe is currently running a 50% discount on your web hosting purchase. So you can take advantage of this promo to get your package at a cheaper price.

Why use Arvixe for your web hosting?

They are really dependable as their average server uptime is 99.9%, thereby making your site available for most parts of the day. Their server is secure, with good cPanel hosting, good file hosting, unlimited bandwidth, etc. You can set up your hosting account now to enjoy all the rights and privileges available to Arvixe account holders.

Some of the packages available for users include Web hosting, blog hosting, CMS hosting, Ecommerce hosting, Video sharing and Software hosting, Forum hosting, Social Network and Community Website hosting, coupons and discounts, etc. There is hardly any form of hosting not catered for by arvixe.

For those who care about speed and quality, Arvixe is the best web hosting for you. Unlike what happens on some other servers, Arvixe servers do not crash as a result of a surge in traffic to your website. This is the reason it is the best hosting company for your E-commerce, Video sharing, forum, social network and community websites.

Web hosting includes Linux,, Business, and Reseller hosting; dedicated servers, server alerts, etc.

Blog hosting takes care of WordPress, ExpressionEngine and Movable Type hosting.

CMS hosting include Joomla, Drupal and Concrete5 hosting

Ecommerce hosting include nopCommerce, and Magento hosting

Forum hosting takes care of vBulleting, MyBB, and phpBB hosting, etc.

However, the customer service is not as good as the hosting. This is because their customer care was outsourced to Indians, which has led to a reduction in quality of customer care service. If not for this average customer care, every other thing is great.

Arvixe Web Hosting Affiliate Programme

Are you a website or blog owner who is considering ways of making regular passive income? Then you must hear this! Arvixe rewards their affiliate with the sum of $70 per referred customer (1-6 sales per month), $90 per sale (7-12 sales per month), $115 per sale (13-19 sales per month), and $135 per sale (19+ sales per month). The payout is $100; and payments are made by request on the 20th of the month, for accounts over 60 days by the 1st of that month. In other words, the more customers you refer to them the more money you make. Are you interested in joining Arvixe web hosting affiliate programme today? Click here to open an account for yourself right away.

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