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SEO is a big issue for bloggers and entrepreneurs with an Internet presence. Without SEO, getting your product and services to the doorsteps of your prospective customers or clients is extremely difficult. You can change that by optimizing your website to meet up with the standards set for Search Engine Optimization.

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There are many ways to optimize a blog or website to become SEO-ready. One of the effective techniques employed by experts involves using some software tools to optimize your web/blog. Axandra is an IT-company that specializes in developing software tools for Search Engine Optimization. Two of the powerful Axandra SEO software tools produced by Axandra include iBusinessPromoter (IBP) and SEOprofiler.

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Each of these tools performs unique functions that are geared towards achieving the goal of optimizing a web/blog to meet the conditions of Search Engine Optimization so that blogs and websites can be improved to increase their rating on search engines. Let’s discuss these two by checking their features and how they can be helpful in getting a good rating on search engines:

SEO software for Windows

iBusinessPromoter (IBP)

IBP ranks high among software tools that are used for optimizing web pages and blogs for search engines. According to Axandra, the software is dependable with a success rate of over 98. Using this software tool is very easy because it offers you everything you need to promote your blog/website successfully. You can achieve success by following the tips below:

• Choose the keyword you want to rank for and the search engine of your choice. You can choose from Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engines.
• The IBP will analyze your web page and calculate your ranking score by using the information it gets from analyzing the ranking elements on your page and doing the same to the links you have on your website.
• If you score below 100%, the software will give you practical suggestions that will help you make the necessary adjustment that will correct the errors that prevent you from achieving a perfect score. Aside informing you about the necessary changes you need to make, it will also give you a guideline on how to do it.
• The next step now is following the guidelines you are given to make the changes one after the other until all the errors are corrected and you have a perfect score.

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While it also helps you to promote your site successfully, it is a bit different from IBP in its mode of operation. When getting high rankings becomes challenging, you can use the SEOprofiler to optimize your web page, audit your website automatically, conduct keyword research and management, competitive intelligence, social media, and others. You can use the knowledge from the functions to improve the rankings of your blogs and websites.

To take advantage of the SEOprofiler, sign in to use the tool and the steps to follow the instructions on the page. Without much hitches, you will improve your rankings for more visitors and increased patronage.

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The features and functions of these software tools make Axandra one of the most trusted names in search engine optimization for effective tools for website/blog promotion and optimization for better traffic and income.

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