5 Things To Consider Before Joining Affiliate Programs

How does it feel like to wake up every month and find a fresh check waiting in your inbox? That is the beauty of promoting some kinds of affiliate programs. A lot of people are making money on a regular basis promoting certain programs while others are wishing they could be lucky to earn the same way. There are certainly some things to consider before joining affiliate programs.

The ultimate in affiliate marketing is to make money; and the more money we can make effortlessly the better for us. You are not going to be seen as a hero simply because you are working harder. You will only be seen as a hero because you are making money and you have solid proofs of what you earn on a regular basis. You definitely need to work hard, but working hard alone may not make you the kind of money you need as an affiliate. That is why you have to do things smart. Here are 5 things to consider before joining affiliate programs.

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Questions to ask before joining affiliate programs

Jumping into promoting affiliate programs could be dangerous. You don’t want to waste your time and money promoting unprofitable ventures, do you? If your dream is to make real money, you need to put the following into consideration.

How trusted are they?

When it comes to affiliate programs, age is one of the determining factors to consider. You must ask yourself, how long have these guys have been around? Not all new programs are fraudulent, but almost all the ones that have been around for years have been studied and known. They can be easily trusted compared to those that can disappear with your money anytime without a trace. It is easier for you to trust Amazon, Hostgator, BlueHost, GetResponse, Aweber, Payoneer, Lunarpages, Shopify, MyThemeShop, Aliexpress, etc because they have been around and their names have become so familiar that anyone can easily remember whom they are.

Another question you might love to ask before joining affiliate programs is, do these guys have good customer reviews? Just Google any of the above-listed names and see how much customer reviews are there on the internet. But it will interest you to know that there are some affiliate programs you will Google now and hardly find any reviews about them. Can you easily commit your time and money to promoting a system that is hardly trusted or that is not known to work?

What type of commission do they offer?

There are basically two types of affiliate commissions to expect when promoting an affiliate program: One-time-payment, and recurring payments. In one-time-payment, you are paid once for a sale that occurs through your affiliate link. While some of the payments are quite meager, others can be as much as up to $600 or $2,000 per sale. The recurring payment simply means that you are paid several times so long as the customer remains active. In some cases, this type of payment earns you lifetime commission. This type is usually associated with products that have subscription renewals like web hosting, membership sites, web-based software usage, tutorials, etc. Anytime the user renews the subscription, you earn a percentage of the subscription fee. This is the best affiliate program to concentrate your efforts on because you keep getting paid over and over again even though the initial transaction actually took place a long time ago. So, before joining affiliate programs, find out the type of commissions they offer.

Just imagine having up to 10 different programs that pay recurring commissions of up to $100; you are sure of getting $1,000 every month without lifting a finger. The advantage of such program is that you only need to work once and get a sale. Once that takes place, you sit down and enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life. Even if you sell your blog or website where you originally made the sale, you will still keep receiving your commission while you sleep. You may also need to know how to make money with affiliate marketing, it when you do the marketing the right way that you earn more incomes.

Method of payment

One of the 5 things to consider before joining affiliate programs is the method of payment. You don’t want to earn affiliate commissions and then get stranded when it comes to retrieving your money. Do you? Some affiliate programs make payments through PayPal, Payoneer, Bank wire, Direct bank deposit, etc thereby allowing you different options to choose from. But others hardly have more than one payment option and if that is not supported in your country, then you will have to forfeit your earned commission.

If you are planning to promote a product or program, you must be sure there is a way of collecting your commission after it is earned. Remember that PayPal does not allow certain countries to make use of their platform. So, if you are from any of those countries, you have to look for other substitutes to PayPal. An affiliate program that has multiple payment options, therefore, would be the preferred one.

Cookie Life

Affiliate sales are tracked with the aid of cookies. Cookies are small data which are attached to your browser when you visit a particular website. With this, advertisers are able to track the site through which a customer is referred to them. Some of those cookies are set to expire in 30 days while others last as long as 60 days to 120 days.

For those cookie lives that are set to last for only 30 days, it means that when a potential customer visits your site and clicks on your link to visit the affiliate site, he must make a purchase within 30 days; failure to do so means that you will lose your commission even if he eventually makes a purchase later on. This simply means that shorter cookie life would result in more commission loses. This is why affiliate programs that offer lifetime cookie life are the best. Once a customer clicks on your link, even if he makes a purchase in the next one year, you will still get your commission. So, cookie life is one of the 5 things to consider before joining affiliate programs.

Affiliate support

How much affiliate support are they willing to offer? Some affiliate managers go the extra mile to provide unique banners, promotion videos, follow-up emails, etc for their affiliates to make sure they succeed in their campaigns. Others stop at the level of providing banners, tracking tools, affiliate links, etc which they give to everyone that is promoting their products. If you were to promote a program, which one would you prefer, the one that provides general materials or the one that helps you in a unique way?

You will certainly need a program that has a very good support system especially if you are new to affiliate marketing. When there is a very good support, it gives the new affiliates the needed confidence to go ahead with the program. This has a way of propelling you to success.


Affiliate programs are good for earning extra residual incomes. But they should not be promoted blindly. You need to do due diligence before joining affiliate programs or deciding on what type to promote as there are several factors that determine one’s success or failure in the business.

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