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Bitbond is the affiliate program of Bitcoin that allows you to receive revenue that is paid by using a Revenue Share formula or a CPA (Cost per Action) depending on the affiliate program when you drive traffic to a specific Bitcoin program. Although some Bitcoin affiliate programs pay in Bitcoin, several programs don’t pay with Bitcoins.

There are different Bitcoin affiliate programs you can join to earn commissions as an affiliate member. One of these numerous affiliate programs is Bitbond. The program allows people from anywhere in the world to earn some money online by placing a Bitbond link on his or her website or blog.

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As you may have been aware, I get paid for some products and services that I write about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in that I review their products. If you click on the links and purchase any of the products, I get rewarded with some commissions for my efforts.

However, that does not in any way influence my personal opinion of the products. I always try to give my sincere opinion of the products I review after extensive research on them.

How does it work?

The first step in earning money through this affiliate program is to sign up to the program. Signing up is free and very easy.

Once you have signed up, click the “Affiliate” link. After clicking it, you will be directed to the page specially designed for the Bitbond affiliate program. The page will give you an overview of the program and give you all the necessary information you will find invaluable in earning money from the program.

Upon signing up, the company will give you a personalised link which you can place on your blog, Facebook post, an ad, Newsletter, a tweet, or whatever method that suits you. From wherever you share the link, people can click on the link to be directed to the Bitbond page.

The objective of the link is to drive people (traffic) to the website through which you sign up for the affiliate program. For each person that visits the site and joins the Bitbond, you earn a commission. It is important to know that your commission is calculated according to the number of visitors that click on the link from where you shared it. Without people clicking your ads, nothing will be calculated as your commission.

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Advantages of Bitbond Over Other Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Since Bitbond is not the only Bitcoin affiliate program, what makes Bitbond the best Bitcoin affiliate program? There are some benefits of Bitbond that other programs are lacking. Some of them are:

• People can join Bitbond through your link either as a borrower or a lender. Whichever choice someone makes, you stand to earn a commission.
• It has a high Signup rate which means that even with fewer clicks, you can still earn more money that is obtainable in other affiliate programs.
• It also has a high loan value that implies higher earnings from each referral through you.
• Payment of your commission is not unduly delayed. Your payment is sent immediately the loan is funded.

• Bitbond gives your referrals 3 months to become active if he or she does not become active immediately. This means that you are entitled to your earning from the referral within 90 days of registration once the referral is active within that period. This privilege is not available in most other programs with a shorter active period.


Considering all these benefits, joining a Bitbond affiliate program today is one of the best decisions you will make. By signing up once, you stand the chance of earning passive income for life. Bitbond is a household name and is highly trusted by a lot of people. Sign up for a free account now.

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