BlueHost Web Hosting: Better Than Hostgator?

BlueHost web hosting is one of the cheapest web hosting plans, yet it is among the best. BlueHost ranks alongside Hostgator, but with a little edge over Hostgator in terms of the available features. BlueHost provides you very good services, with great server monitoring to ensure you never have issues with the security of your databases.

What makes BlueHost Cheap Web Hosting?

The word ‘cheap’ must not be misconstrued to mean poor services. As a matter of fact, BlueHost is one of the best hands when it comes to rendering quality web hosting services. They are highly dependable, and over 90% of their customers are also satisfied with their services. They surely belong to the class of the cheapest web hosting companies.

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With a management that is concerned about the success of your business, BlueHost goes the extra mile to ensuring that you are satisfied and that you never have reasons to look elsewhere.

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How is BlueHost Better Than Hostgator?

We are going to try and make some comparisons between what is available on both platforms. At the end of reading these comparisons, you should be able to decide which of them has cheap web hosting services, and where you would love to pitch your tent.

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BlueHost pricing starts at $3.49 per month for their shared hosting while that of Hostgator is $3.96 (Though both allow 1-3 year plans that are worked out to get the cost per month). While Hostgator provides an additional option of monthly payments, BlueHost accepts yearly. With a starting price of $3.49 per month, there is no doubt that BlueHost is about the cheapest web hosting company on the web though a few others may be better priced. But by the time you add price and quality of service together, you will agree that they are worth the hype.

Both of them offer unlimited bandwidth, making sure visitors have unrestricted access to your web pages.

Disk Space
They both have unlimited disk space, which is the storage capacity of the hard drive that the hosting companies provide for your hosting account. They enable you to store your data, videos, emails and images.

Free Domain Name
While BlueHost’s 1-year and 2 –year hosting plans consist of a free domain name for one year, Hostgator does not provide any domain name with its hosting packages.

Addon Websites
In order to give you the leverage of hosting several sites on your purchased hosting plans, both BlueHost and Hostgator provide unlimited Add-on domains. In other words, you can host as many sites as you own in one hosting package and cut cost. With all the added features and a better server monitoring, BlueHost turns out to be one of the cheapest web hosting companies around.

Automated Backups
BlueHost backs up your database automatically every week. But in the case of Hostgator, they charge an additional $15 in order to restore an automated backup. By backing up your files on a regular basis, BlueHost makes sure your files and databases are intact and not lost through any accident or hacking. Both sites, however, allow you to back up your files manually through the cPanel.

Account Setup
Both of them help set up your domain and server the moment you subscribe to a hosting package. With this done, you can easily start using your account immediately after doing some manual configuration to give it the taste you desire.

24/7 Technical Support
Both hosts provide 24 hours of uninterrupted technical support, throughout the week and for the whole year as long as your site is hosted with them. The technical support they provide includes email, phone and live chat. Whenever you are in difficulty, you are sure someone would be there to speak with you and proffer a solution to your problems.

Live Chat
Live chat is available on both BlueHost and Hostgator. It is an easier way to solve some technical problems than sending emails and waiting for replies. Someone is always available to assist you on what to do. In some cases, they even offer to do it why you wait to see the problems resolved.

Money Back Guarantee
Bluehost only offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all hosting plans, and even prorate the refund after one month. But Hostgator gives a 45-day money back guarantee.

Technical Features

Having seen all aspects of the hosting account and the kind of support offered, it is time to look at the technical features that both companies present.

Both hosts provide unlimited databases for your plan, even though only one database per website is actually needed. These unlimited databases are included to enable you to host multiple sites on your plan.

The cPanel is web server management software included in your package to enable you effortlessly manage your files, transfer files, install programmes, create databases and manage emails. BlueHost and Hostgator both have robust cPanel to enable users to manage their sites easily.

WordPress Installer
Wordpress is obviously the most popular content management system that enables you to build and manage your websites/blogs. The platform is quite easy to manage even if you are not a website developer or tech-savvy. WordPress installer is included in BlueHost and Hostgator to enable users install their WordPress and create databases with ease.

FTP Access
Both have FTP system for easy transfer of files to and from websites. With this feature, you can easily move files/folders from your hard drive to your website, and vice versa.

Other technical features included in both sites are Webmail (to access your mail from any device), Email accounts (Both offer unlimited personalized email accounts, enabling you to have variants of email addresses such as admin@yoursitename, info@yoursitename, jobs@yoursitename, inquiry@yoursitename, contact@yoursitename, etc. They also have .htaccess file (to enable users have hypertext access, and configure their web server), Cron Jobs (helps you time and automate the completion of some specific tasks), etc

Reliability and Performance

First Byte
This is the time it takes the web server to render the first byte information when it is presenting a web page. It indicates how fast the page is. While it takes BlueHost only 0.54 seconds to render the first byte, it takes Hostgator 0.85 seconds to do same. This shows that BlueHost is faster in terms of speed.When you compare speed and price, and possibly what you could lose as a result of a slow site, you will agree that BlueHost is certainly one of the cheapest web hosting companies you can find anywhere.

Page Load Time
Google respects websites that load faster. The page load time is how long it takes the server to load a web page the first time a visitor accesses it. BlueHost’s page load time takes only 2.4 seconds while that of Hostgator is 3.4 seconds. Again, BlueHost is clearly faster here.

Uptime guarantee
While Hostgator guarantees 99.9% uptime, BlueHost does not give such guarantee. In this case, Hostgator has an edge.

Having seen the comparison between both sites, it is time to make a decision on which of the sites to host your website. My advice, in this case, is for you to go with BlueHost even though the edge it has over Hostgator is a slight one. it is obvious they are one of the cheapest web hosting companies around. To open your BlueHost account, click here to subscribe to a package.

BlueHost Affiliate Programme

BlueHost is one of those hosting companies that allow people to promote their products as affiliates, whether you have a hosting account with them or not. They are equally trusted because of the efficiency of their services.

As an affiliate, you can make a few bucks from BlueHost affiliate programme for every customer that signs up through your link to purchase any of their hosting packages. For every person that you refer to them, you get $65 commission. That is not bad after all. Is it?

It is entirely free to join the affiliate programme. Once enrolled, there will be someone to assist you on what to do as BlueHost has a dedicated team to take care of their affiliates. All promotional materials you need would be duly would be given you to enable you to succeed. Commissions are paid monthly, and there are no limits to the amount you can make as an affiliate. Click here to open your affiliate account right away and start to enjoy regular streams of income. Promoting the cheapest web hosting plans is an easy way to get customers to earn you more money.

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