Cybercon Dedicated Coupon Code; 20% Off All Hosting Plans

Do you need a dedicated server to host your website/blog? Cybercon dedicated coupon code is the best way to get it at a cheaper price. Usually, Cybercon hosting allows their customer to get up to 10%, 20 % (and sometimes more) discount using their dedicated coupon code. However, I have been able to negotiate a 20% discount for you for any hosting package you want. In case you want to subscribe to a Cybercon hosting package, use the code GZ72APRA to get a 20% discount at the point of payment. It applies to any of the hosting packages you want to subscribe to.

What are dedicated servers?

A Dedicated server allows you to host your website or blog on an entire server not shared with other people. It is a better way of hosting your site as it provides more flexibility than shared hosting and makes it easier for you to be in charge of your dedicated server. When you choose a dedicated hosting, you decide on the operating system as well as the hardware to use.

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It is the best package for websites that experience a high volume of traffic, in need of secure eCommerce application, or those who have sensitive customer content. With this Cybercon dedicated coupon code, you will have access to the Cybercon high quality but a less-expensive dedicated server. Cybercon has two main hosting types: Dedicated servers hosting and Private cloud hosting.

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Types of Dedicated Servers Available on Cybercon

There are three major dedicated server packages that you can subscribe to on Cybercon. They include:

Unix Dedicated Servers

Unix operating systems are commonly used in internet servers. The development of the internet, as well as the reshaping of computer operations, made use of the Unix environment and client-server program model as part of their important elements. Cybercon hosting presents dedicated servers with Unix operating systems such as Linux centos, Debian Linux, Redhat Linux, Slackware Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Fedora Linux, Gentoo Linux, and Ubuntu Linux.

Windows dedicated Servers

Cybercon provides windows server 2008 and Windows server 2012 as well as Microsoft Exchange 2007, Microsoft SQL server 2008, Microsoft Exchange server 2010, Microsoft SharePoint server 2010, Microsoft SQL server 2012, and Microsoft Terminal server. With windows dedicated servers, it is easier for users to manage their IT operations effectively and efficiently. It also helps them to minimize cost and improve business-critical systems performances. It also takes care of security and server management.

Dedicated VMware Servers

The VMware system allows some kind of software to be introduced into your computer hardware. This is done in order for a kind of virtual machine monitor otherwise known as hypervisor to add hardware resources to your computer so that more operating systems can run at the same time on a single computer without it being obvious. You may also be interested in Lunarpages Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting. Make sure you check it out.

Features of Cybercon Dedicated server hosting

Remember that with the Cybercon dedicated coupon code, you are getting the packages on this site for 20% cheaper. So, some of the features of Cybercon dedicated server hosting include the following:

Dedicated Operating System: This package comes with a dedicated operating system. These operating systems include Windows server 2012, Windows server 2008, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. The operating systems can be upgraded anytime you want to. Other operating systems are Linux CentOS, Linux openSUSE, Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux, Slackware Linux, Debian Linux, FreeBSD, etc.
One hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee : Cybercon uses enterprise grade server hardware. This simply means that it is rare to experience any form of hardware failures. But whereby there is a hardware failure, it would be repaired within an hour. This guarantees hardware availability 24 hours daily and 7 days of the week.
KVM Over IP Remote Server Access: Cybercon offers HP iLo Remote console, which makes it quite easy for customers to install OS, reboot servers, access server console remotely, reinstall OS or even upgrade OS by themselves.
Unmetered Bandwidth : Nobody is given a surprise bandwidth charge because the charges are fixed. This fixed monthly billing prevents billing errors such as overbilling or underbilling.
Administrative Access : Once you subscribe to a hosting package, you are given full access to the Unix server or full Administrative access for the windows server. You can install whatever application or software you think can be of help in running your site.
Free DNS Services : There is free access to a seamless DNS control panel. Unlimited number of domains, as well as unlimited number of DNS zones and records, are taken care here.
Technical support : They have a reliable and ever-available customer support system. Support available includes e-mail, telephone, online support portal, etc. Support is there every day, 7 days of the week and for 365 days of the year.

Private Cloud Hosting

Cybercon Dedicated Coupon Code also allows you access to the private cloud hosting, which is a cloud computing hardware and software platform that is dedicated to your website or organization alone. With the Cybercon’s private cloud, you have the liberty to choose from storage systems, networks routers and switches, server hardware, firewalls, and cloud computing software. Security is very important even as the cost is also considered. Remember to use the code GZ72APRA to get a 20% discount.

The Private Cloud Hosting service comes with data center infrastructure, dedicated cloud computing software, dedicated cloud computing hardware, and round-the-clock customer technical support. The Private Cloud Hosting service also has four main enterprise-class private cloud platforms which include

VMware Private Cloud

VMware helps to deliver unique efficient, quick, and broad services with the private cloud. With VMware, it is easier to count the gains of cloud computing, by taking advantage of existing investment without having to lower the expected quality.

Microsoft Private Cloud

The ability to set up new applications and also keep them working is an important aspect of IT. A Microsoft private cloud makes use of Windows Server and System Center technology, providing profound application insight, an all-inclusive cross-platform approach, and best-in-class performance.

KVM Private Cloud

KVM cloud computing is an open source cloud hosting that makes use of the kernel of the operating system. The performance of this system is better than when you use cloud hosting solutions that depend on user-space drivers. KVM computing technology is also supported by tech heavyweights like Red Hat and IBM.

Xen Private Cloud

Xen technology is accepted as the fastest and most secure virtualization software in the web hosting industry. XenServer is designed to efficiently manage Windows® and Linux® virtual servers and also deliver gainful server strengthening and continuity of business.


Linux Shared
Business Web goes for $19.00/month. It comes with a web space of 1 GB, Transfer 2GB, and setup is free.
Power User is available for $49.00/month and has a web space of 3GB and Transfer 5GB. The setup is free.

Linux Dedicated
Unix basic hosting goes for $299.00/month, it has a web space of 9GB, Transfer 40GB, and setup is free.
Unix High End is priced at $599.00/month; it has a web space of 36GB and Transfers 100GB. The setup is also free.

Windows Dedicated
Win Basic is $299.00/month, with a web space of 9GB and Transfer 40GB. Setup is also free.
Win High End is priced at $599.00/month, it has a web space of 36GB and Transfers 100GB. The setup is also free.

Linux/Windows Dedicated
Mac Basic is $399.00/month, with web space of 60GB and transfers 100GB. It comes with free setup.
Mac High End is priced at $599.00/month, with a web space of 60GB and Transfer 100GB. Setup is free.
Linux/Windows Colocation
The Single server is $280.00/month, with unlimited web space and unmetered transfer. Setup is free.
Half rack goes for $684.00/month, with unlimited web space and unmetered transfer. Setup is also free.
Rack – rack is priced at $1,180.00/month, with unlimited web space and unmetered transfer. Setup is equally free.
Cage – Cage goes for $2,630.00/month, with unlimited web space and unmetered transfer. Setup is free.


• Uptime is 99.9%
• Server and network speed is great.
• Security is guaranteed.
• Fixed billing – this prevents billing irregularities


• Pricing is a bit on the high side
• Unnecessary delays in responding to e-mails

Cybercon Affiliate Program

Cybercon has an affiliate program that allows you to earn money as a blogger, website developer, social networker, etc. They have dedicated coupon codes which you can use to promote your sales. You get 50% on every sale referred to them, after subtracting the discount code worth. Your coupon never expires. It can be 10%, 20%, or sometimes more.

Affiliate payment on Cybercon is by PayPal, Amazon pay, Check, or other methods. Payout is done once your account balance exceeds $100. So, you can promote your affiliate link on your website or social media in order to drive sales to Cybercon and make your own commissions.

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