Earn Lifetime Commissions with Vendhost Affiliate program

The standard affiliate programs through which you can make money online will only last as long as you work for them. But do you know that there is an affiliate program through which you can earn lifetime commissions. This is what Vendhost Affiliate program is offering you.

You have the chance to earn lifetime commissions through the customers you refer to the web hosting company. They offer the cheapest web hosting as a firm. They also offer the Vendhost web hosting Affiliate program, through which you can earn up to 20% commission. When you work with them through their affiliate program, you enjoy a strong mix of products, coupled with high customer retention rate.

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As you may have been aware, I get paid for some products and services that I write about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in that I review their products. If you click on the links and purchase any of the products, I get rewarded with some commissions for my efforts.

However, that does not in any way influence my personal opinion of the products. I always try to give my sincere opinion of the products I review after extensive research on them.

I review each product believing it would be really useful to you. The merchants/advertisers do not directly pay me anything for reviewing the products; I only receive some commissions if you buy through my link – a little reward for my efforts.

What makes Vendhost the Cheapest Web Hosting?

A few things make Vendhost outstanding as a web hosting company. Their services are quite cheap, no doubt. They combine some of their services into a package and offer the same price that their counterparts charge for just one of such services for the total package. For example, their domain registrations are priced from $12.58 per year, including ID shield private registration. Some of their competitors charge extra $9 to $14 just for extra private registration alone. Their cloud hosting with 50GB bandwidth and 1.5GB disk space is priced at $5.49/month. Isn’t that making Vendhost the cheapest web hosting among others?

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How does Vendhost Affiliate Program Work?

The next question that should be on your lips is how it works and how you can join? The next question is will I earn lifetime commissions on my affiliate referrals? Now, they have been in the service of registering domain names and offering of the cheapest web hosting services to clients all over the globe since 2003. There are three main things they are known for and they are, strong customer and personal support, excellent domain name services and superior hosting. This entails that they create wonderful long lasting business relationship with every customer that walks through their site, making such customers continue patronizing them always.

When this happens, you also gain from their long term patronage if you are the person that referred the clients to the firm. Now, they have an affiliate program that is outstanding. This is because their staffs are marketers too, and they know what each affiliate marketer needs to succeed. These include their 20% commission payouts on all purchases made by your referred clients, many marketing creative, an affiliate dashboard, 6 months tracking cookies and reliable payouts all through. Vendhost is one of the few companies that pay lifetime commissions to their affiliate. This should be a source of encouragement to their affiliates in order for them to do more.

The great thing is that you earn money both through the initial and recurring purchases by your referrals. With this, you can earn lifetime funds. The cookies will allow you a greater opportunity to transform the referrals into the needed sales commissions.

Joining the affiliate program is easy. If you are a user of Vendhost hosting services, you can just get to “My Account” section. When you are there, click on the affiliate program and join. After this, you will start earning money through your PayPal, bank wire account or any other account depending on the one you prefer. The commissions are paid at the end of every month. Remember that you will earn lifetime commissions on each affiliate you refer.

You have to realize that it is completely free to join. When you join, you will be supplied with banner ads and you will be allowed to choose from many. The code you choose will contain the affiliate tracking id. You will also be offered text links that contain the affiliate ids. This is found on the affiliate dashboard, and clients can click on it to get to the hosting website. The dashboard on its own contains details of the program for you. These include the unique content counts, history and balances of the commission, the code for banner ad and text, and any other affiliate information you need.

You have to remember that it is not necessary that you must be their customer to be the web hosting company affiliate marketer. It is great to allow them host your website when you promote them. But you can equally do this in your own website, blog, social media page and even offline. Remember that with this program, you earn lifetime commissions on every referral you send to them.

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