GetResponse: The Best and Cheapest Autoresponder

Have you been looking for the cheapest autoresponder or the best autoresponder for your email marketing? Well, after this review, you would have gotten enough information as to enable you to decide which autoresponder to go for. Getresponse autoresponder is one of the best available software to manage your email list.

There is this saying that “the money is in the list”. And as an internet marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger, social marketer, etc, you certainly need a robust list to make money online. Without a sound list, there is no way you can effectively or comfortably reach out to your intended customers and put your products before them.

But come to think of it, is there a way of determining what the cheapest autoresponder is? Of course, there is. By the time you put certain parameters in place, you should be able to compare indices and decide which one to go for. Some of the things to consider while choosing an autoresponder include price, deliverability, speed, user-friendliness, flexibility, etc.

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There are several tested and trusted autoresponders out there. There are even the non-trusted ones that are also claiming to be very good and able to deliver. For the sake of emphasis, some of the trusted ones include Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Madmimi, iContact, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Benchmark Email, Active Campaign, etc. In my personal opinion, anything outside these, for now, is not too okay. However, among the ones I have listed, some claim to be the best autoresponder while others claim to be the cheapest autoresponder. At the end of this review, we shall see which one is shoulder taller than the rest. The recent innovation carried out by Getresponse autoresponder now makes them the darling of email marketers.

Which is the cheapest Autoresponder?

Our price comparison will enable us to answer that question easily. But we must remember that cheapness is not only determined by price because what is cheap could even turn out to be the most expensive by the time it costs you other important things. This is why care must be taken when making a decision as to what is the cheapest autoresponder. Now let’s take a look at the prices of the popular ones available:

As you may have been aware, I get paid for some products and services that I write about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in that I review their products. If you click on the links and purchase any of the products, I get rewarded with some commissions for my efforts.

However, that does not in any way influence my personal opinion of the products. I always try to give my sincere opinion of the products I review after extensive research on them.

I review each product believing it would be really useful to you. The merchants/advertisers do not directly pay me anything for reviewing the products; I only receive some commissions if you buy through my link – a little reward for my efforts.

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The above table shows that the cheapest autoresponder in terms of pricing is MadMimi. But like I said from the outset, price alone does not determine how cheap a product is; other features must be put into consideration. Though MadMimi is cheap, its features are quite limited compared to what you see on Aweber, GetResponse, Active Campaign, MailChimp, etc. Therefore, because of its limitations, we shall look at something better than MadMimi.

Autoresponders Yearly Pricing and Discounts

Autoresponders yearly pricing is another thing we should give consideration to. While virtually almost all the autoresponders peg their yearly discount at 15%, GetResponse offers their customers a discount of 18% if payment for one year is made at once, further reducing their price beyond what others are offering except MadMimi. With the 18% discount, if you are on a monthly plan of $105 which is the highest, you save $226.8 if you pay for a straight one-year subscription.

Email automation

Email automation is very important for you as a marketer or blogger because you don’t have all the time in the world to be sending out messages manually to your list. But with automation, it is easier to schedule messages and send them out automatically at the right time. When it comes to e-mail automation, Active Campaign takes the lead because of its flexibility. Aweber and GetResponse are equally good when it comes to email automation.

What Makes GetResponse the Best Autoresponder?

Having examined the above features, it is time to go further with other features of GetResponse autoresponder that set it apart from its counterparts and qualify it as the best autoresponder among the pack.

Trial Period
GetResponse offers you a 30-day free trial period, within which you pay nothing but simply playing around with their tools to see how things work. Aweber offers something close, but they collect $1 for the trial period. So, during the trial period with GetResponse, there is nothing to lose.

Affiliate Marketing
We all know that sending affiliate messages are a major issue with almost all the autoresponders. They monitor emails sent out by users to make sure they don’t contain affiliate promotions. However, GetResponse autoresponder allows one to send affiliate messages to one’s mailing list. Before I started my 30-day free trial, I tried as much as possible to get clarification from their support team. I spoke with someone on Live Chat and equally sent a separate email in order to get things clear. The response I got was a go ahead to send emails without any form of restrictions. For clarity sake, here is the email response I got from the team:

My message: I just opted into the trial version of your autoresponder. But before I go
ahead to upgrade at the appropriate time, I want to know the following:
I am an affiliate marketer and my website provides information about latest
affiliate programs. I also get in with my list when there are new
helpful software or e-book launches. Will I be allowed to send Affiliate
related messages to my list when I eventually upgrade?
I will most of the times publish a fresh content on my site and then let my
list know there is one. In addition, when there are product launches, I
will also get this known to them.
Please let me know if this is possible.
Efoghor Joseph

Reply from Getresponse
Good afternoon Efoghor,

Thank you for contacting GetResponse.
GetResponse is a great tool for email marketing and serves as an
easy-to-use and trusted vehicle for you to grow your contact list, create
great looking and engaging messages for your contacts, and easily keep up
and track your statistics associated with your email marketing campaigns.
While GetResponse is unable to guarantee a profit as the contacts, content,
and schedule of your messaging are all your own, we do believe that a
properly managed and up-to-date GetResponse account should put you on the
road toward success in your email marketing. We do not limit your affiliate
Best regards,
Ryan Mason

Autoresponder 2.0
This functionality puts GetResponder autoresponder miles ahead of their counterparts. Creating autoresponder gives you 6 options to choose from: time-based, clicked, opened, subscribed, goal reached, and data changed. This makes it possible to determine what kind of message to send and the action being taken by the subscribers also. The functionality allows you to know the number of persons that clicked a particular message, the number that actually opened and read the mail, the number that subscribed, whether the desired goal is reached, and if there has been any change in data. This information helps the autoresponder user to re-strategize in his campaigns.

Having a good knowledge of the number of people who clicked and opened one’s mail would help in streamlining the list when next similar or follow-up messages are to be sent. In that case, you can arrange to send your messages specifically to those who opened or clicked on the previous one.

I am not here to deliver a tutorial on how to use GetResponse, but let me quickly highlight a few things that make it the best and cheapest autoresponder available.


Affordability: The price is cheap
User-friendliness: Easy to understand and use
Extra features: Additional features compared to others
Affiliate marketing: Allows you send affiliate messages to your list
Support: Has great support team
Split testing: allows you to split-test
Analytics: Enables you figure out what works
Contact Importation: It is easy to import your contact from anywhere
Royalty-Free images: In conjunction with iStock photos for your email campaigns
Free Trial: Allows a 30-day free trial period


 Limited Automation
 Email builder not fantastic
 List Segmentation by location is difficult


Taking a look at the various autoresponders examined above, GetResponse is arguably the cheapest autoresponder, putting price, functionality, user-friendliness and flexibility into consideration. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to build a mailing list for a long term business. I am sticking with them at the moment. However, it is advisable to do your own market survey before committing your money. To open a free account click here to start immediately.

GetResponse Affiliate program

GetResponse autoresponder has an affiliate program that allows you to make extra cash into your bank account. For every paying customer you refer to them, you earn 33% recurring commission on their subscription as long as they stay with GetResponse. The good side of it is that you can use the money you make from this program to pay for your monthly or yearly subscriptions, and even have some left over for your bank account. The money you make depends on how much you work.

Joining the affiliate program gives you access to their promotion materials, great training materials, real-time tracking and statistics, and a dedicated affiliate manager to assist you in your campaigns in order to ensure success in the shortest possible time. Cookie life is 120 days, and you receive your checks monthly. The more people you convince to open an account and get the cheapest autoresponder the more money you make. Click here to open your free trial account right away.

Is there any important thing I left out? Do you think some other autoresponder should have been awarded the position of the cheapest autoresponder? Please remember to leave your comment in our comment box if you find this post useful. Your personal opinion is really important.

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