Hidden and Best Traffic Sources for CPA Offers

CPA simply means Cost per Action. This is an Internet-based advertising technique where an affiliate is paid by an advertiser for specific ads. In a nutshell, you get paid as an affiliate if someone clicks your link and is directed to the site of the company you are affiliated to where they are required to simply fill a form or perform some simple tasks. How much success you derive from this affiliate marketing technique depends on the number of people you refer to the affiliate site, i. e. your traffic.

As you may have been aware, I get paid for some products and services that I write about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in that I review their products. If you click on the links and purchase any of the products, I get rewarded with some commissions for my efforts.

However, that does not in any way influence my personal opinion of the products. I always try to give my sincere opinion of the products I review after extensive research on them.

If your traffic determines your earnings, how can you ensure you have the right amount of traffic? This is a list of the best traffic sources you can use to achieve your goal:

Take advantage of the social media
The social media world has become a willing tool in the hands of people who want to drive insane traffic to their websites or blogs. You can adopt the method they use to drive traffic to your offers too. Start by creating a page for attracting the right audience and provide them with useful information they can use to be convinced of your offers. When they are convinced, you can easily direct them to your CPA offers. If you can afford it, you can also pay for social media ads for the same purpose of driving traffic to your offers.

Use Facebook Advertisement

With Facebook advertisement, you will get a lot of traffic to your CPA offers. If you already have a blog where you intend to promote your offers, it would be great to direct traffic to the blog and then make money as they take action.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and click on the link to the Ads Manager and then click on the link “Create an ad”. You may be prompted to “Use Guided Creation” or you may be directed automatically to the ad creation area. You will find the Ads Manager button on the top right of your dashboard.

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Step 2: Choose your advertising objective
What do you want to achieve with the ad? This could be Brand awareness, Local awareness, Reach, Traffic, Engagement, App installs, Video views, Lead generation, Conversions, Product catalog sales or Store visits.

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Step 3: Choose your audience
Who do you want your ads to reach? This is where you decide whether you are going to advertise to everyone or to a specific geo-location like the USA, UK, France, Nigeria, India, Canada, Australia, etc. You will need to choose the age bracket, sex, interest (such as business, affiliate marketing, make money, etc), behaviors, connections, etc

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Step 4: Set your budget
Facebook allows you to decide the amount you want to spend on advertisement. You can decide the budget limit for the month or allow the ads to run without placing a limit.

Daily budget: You can decide how much to spend on a daily basis. In this case, your ad would run per day. There is a minimum daily budget of $1.00, which must be at least twice your CPC.
Lifetime budget: If you want to run your ad for a specific period, you have to decide it from here and that would be done for you.

Step 5: schedule your ads
How long do you want the ad to run? Or from what date to what date do you want it to run? You have to input those in the calendar provided for you to schedule the ads. If you want the ads to start running immediately, you have to also decide that. You have the choice of letting your ads run on a particular time of the day or week.

Step 6: Optimization & Pricing
What do you want the ads for? Choose whether it should be for clicks, objective or impressions. Since we are using it for CPA, it is better to choose “Clicks”. In that case, you will only pay for the number of clicks that the ads get. For delivery, you have two options: Standard and Accelerated. If you want the ads to be shown throughout the day, choose standard. But if you want it to be delivered fast so that some time-sensitive offers can be delivered to your audience, then you can choose Accelerated.

Step 7: Create your ad
Since our objective is to have our audience reach our blog and take action, it is good to follow Facebook suggestion to “Click to Website”. That would enable viewers to click on your ad in order to visit your blog. Add the link to website and any other thing that is important and create your ad.

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By the time you complete everything, your ad would go live. The sample above is an example of an ad that was created to make people like a Facebook Fan page. When you create the ad to help them click and go to your site, this eventually increases your traffic.

Use media buys

Still on media, another brilliant way you can use the media is by buying them. This involves purchasing relevant ad spaces on websites, blogs, or forums with huge traffic. All you need to do is find the best website in your niche and contact the website owner to make an agreement over placing your ad on his or her blog. By placing your link on the website of your choice, people can have access to the offer.

Try forum marketing

A forum is a place you can meet people from all walks of life. It is the perfect platform for meeting prospective traffic to your CPA offers. Without spamming a forum, contribute meaningfully to any discussion that is related to your CPA offer. You can include a link to your CPA offer to direct interested individuals to the CPA offer. If you are considered knowledgeable enough, you should be confident of having many people that will use the link to view the CPA offer. That’s a good and a cheap way to drive traffic to your offer.

Some powerful forums you can take advantage of include Quora, WarriorForum, AndroidForum, and the rest. If properly optimized, these forums can generate a huge lead for your CPA offer.

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Email marketing is a good idea

Do you have a huge number of people on your mailing list? If you do, you can tap into your mailing list to drive traffic to your offer. Prepare a good article that is very informative and written in flawless English and send it to all the contacts on your mailing list. Include the link to the offer in the message and you can rest assure that many people will be reached by the letter. That way, you can get some people who will show interest in the offer.

If you don’t personally have such a sizeable list, contact companies that are expert in building a huge mailing list. These companies have the right mailing list size that you can convert into traffic for your offers. Although you will pay for their services, the conversion rate from the promotion will be more than enough to cover your expenses and leave you with a reasonable amount of profit. Before trying out email marketing, check your mailing list and see whether it is huge enough to promote your offer.

There are reliable email marketing services like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Mailerlite, iContact, Vertical Response, Infusionsoft, Mailigen, Ontraport, arpREACH, Constant Contact, Madmimi, etc that you can use for your email marketing campaigns.

Use Yahoo answers

If you want a good “Question and Answer” platform, you have it in Yahoo Answers. Thousands of people use this platform daily to get answers to their problems. Few people are aware of this site’s potential for driving traffic.

To start with, open an account on the platform and find any relevant post to your offer. For instance, if you have IT- related offers, look for IT-related questions and provide answers to questions that you are familiar with. If you can showcase your deep knowledge of your chosen niche, people will find it easy to buy your idea and commit themselves to your offer. If you want to link to your CPA offer, there is a resource box on the platform, use it to promote your link.

Use YouTube

This video-viewing site boasts of millions of users every day. People come from all walks of life to learn from the site. Apart from being used as a tutorial platform, you can also use it to sell your offers and drive much traffic to your offer. You can simply start by creating a good video with clear image and audible audio to pass the message across to your viewers. You shouldn’t forget to include a link to the offer in the video. That’s the only way they can take advantage of your offer and drive traffic to it. So, Youtube is one of the Best Traffic Sources for CPA Offers and make more money.


Blogging has continued to be one of the most reliable ways to drive traffic to any online business where a good traffic is of the essence. When you create a good blog, don’t deny it of well-written and detailed posts that are targeted towards convincing people to check your offer.

To take full advantage of your blog as a reliable tool for driving traffic, you have to know some blog-promoting techniques that you can use to target the right audience. If you can get to the right people, you will be amazed at the traffic you will get. You can get SEO experts to optimize your blog for Google rating for search engines. If your blog is highly rated, it will reach many people than without any SEO technique.

Don’t also forget to increase the popularity of your blog with Facebook Ads. This is a convenient way to reach more people at a fee, considering the number of people that are making use of the social media platform. In a nutshell, learn the basic tricks to increase the coverage of your blog and you can use that to good effect to increase the traffic to your CPA offers.

Image/photo sharing traffic

Are still not sure where to get the Best Traffic Sources for CPA Offers? This is another relatively unknown traffic source you can use to get more traffic for your CPA offers. While Instagram is known for its photo-sharing capability, it can also be used for generating traffic. You can leverage this feature of Instagram and others like Imgur by sharing your image on the platform with a link to your blog or website. You can equally watermark any image you share with the URL of your blog or website. You can imagine the kind of traffic you will generate if your image should go viral. It is a convenient and untapped traffic-generating technique you should try out.

CPA Advertising

Sometimes, it is good to spend some money in order to get more. CPA advertising companies can be a very good source of traffic for your CPA offers. With CPA advertising, you can promote your offers to a vast audience and spend a few cents to a few dollars in getting the message across.

There are a lot of reliable CPA advertising companies to make use of, which are relatively cheaper than Google Adwords and Facebook ads. Some of those CPA advertising companies to use include eZanga, Advertise.com, Bitvertiser, Buysellads, Adknowledge, 7Search, Infolinks, Revcontent, Matomy, Clicksor, Exponential, Pulse360, TLV Media, Conversant Media, IgnitionOne, TrafficVance, Epom Market, Criteo, SiteScout, AdEngage, Adbrite, Adblade, OutBrain, PocketCents, etc.

When you pay for slots for your campaigns, they create banners which are placed on websites of your choice or anyone they feel is relevant to your project. Visitors to such sites would see your banners and click on them to arrive on the offers. If you have already created a landing page for the offer or you have written a detailed post concerning the offers, the visitors are then able to get the right information they need and at the end click on your link to participate in the offers.

Before you engage these sites for your campaigns, try and answer the following questions:
• What types of publishers do they have in their inventory?
• Do they have high traffic sites in their network?
• Are there personal account managers to assist you in setting up your account?
• Do they have the technology for detecting click fraud?
• Do they have a dependable support staff?
• Is A/B testing available?
• Are there Advanced features for refining your audience? Etc

Having satisfactorily answered those questions and you are sure they can handle your campaigns, you can now go ahead to utilize their services to promote your offers.


It is advisable that you leave no stone unturned in getting the right traffic for your CPA offer. The financial success of this business idea depends on the volume of traffic you can generate for it. If you can combine some of these tips, your conversion rate will increase as more people become aware of your CPA offers. Over time, you will earn enough income as a compensation for your efforts. It is worthwhile to give your CPA offers the best coverage you can.

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