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If you are looking to buy a web hosting, then the first thing you need to do is to study the company’s history to know its experience and service quality. This Hostmonster web hosting review is intended to show you the basic things you need to know about this company. With that in mind, it is important to notice that HostMonster has been providing services since 2006. Since then, they’ve managed to gain a good reputation and receive several awards including Best technical support from Web hosting search and Best control panel hosting of 2011 from Web hosting break.

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And since they are in a business for a decade now and they satisfy millions of customers every day all around the globe, it is safe to assume that they are providing almost everything in order to be successful online. But let’s examine this further. So in this article, we’ll get to know Host Monster closer, including all of its pros and cons. And possibly draw some conclusions putting all the pieces together.

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It is not always easy to know the best web hosting company to use for your website or blog hosting except you do due diligence in research. To make things easier for you, we have painstakingly researched Hostmonster and found out that it is one of the top web hosting companies in terms of rendering quality service especially for small to medium businesses.

How much does HostMonster cost?

Hostmonster provides only one money plan (Shared hosting), though divided into three categories. If you look at the reviews of its customers, you will see that most of the clients are satisfied with having a single hosting plan because everything is included. However, the company prices are quite high, but with permanent discounts, there is always a possibility to buy hosting a lot cheaper. So by using a discount you can buy a web hosting for a wide range of services for only $4.95 a month. But remember, a discount amount depends on the period you are planning to prepay.

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Basic Plan =$4.95/month: It has 50GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, supports 1 website, 25 subdomains and 5 email accounts

Plus Plan = $6.95/month: It has 150GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, supports 10 website, 50 subdomains and 100 email accounts

Pro Plan = $14.95/month: It has unlimited storage, bandwidth, websites, subdomains and email accounts

Note: The above prices are only possible if you sigh up for a 3-year term.

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with a slow speed of the standard HostMonster hosting plan, you can speed up your site with extra CPU and disk memory for an additional fee. In addition to that, the user is able to automatically install applications. Over 90% of them are using simple scripts. This is rather convenient for newbies.

Another important thing to consider in this Hostmonster web hosting review in order to make sure Host Monster is the best web hosting company for you is to study the company’s terms of service. And the first thing you’ll come across studying their terms of service is that Hostmonster provides an anytime money back guarantee. It means that within the first 30 days of sign-up you will receive the whole sum, with the exception of the cost of domain name and additional services cost.

Additionally, after 30 days you can request a refund for the unused period. And you can also see that HostMonster has tons of unlimited features such as unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth hosting space in the emails and a free domain. Also, you have the support for your e-commerce initiatives with a couple of shopping cart scripts.

However, this company doesn’t provide backups for accounts which exceed 50000 files, 1000 database tables or 30 gigabytes of disk space. Thus, we see that the unlimited features of HostMonster have their limit, but with a reasonable use of resources, you won’t even notice them.

Hostmonster web hosting review from the experts’ view

As we could see, the company’s price analysis shows that Host Monster isn’t among the cheapest companies and that it ranks among the most expensive hosting companies. But besides that, it is the uptime that is the important indicator of website availability. And compared to other web hosting companies, HostMonster has an average uptime rate of 97.46%.

Furthermore, the competence of the technical support team is defined by the speed and quality of problem-solving. Considering this category, the company rates average. After analyzing users’ feedbacks, it is important to notice that the number of negative reviews is higher than the positive ones and that isn’t a very good sign. And most reviews are in the following categories: stability, functionality, and tech support. In these categories, the number of negative reviews is also high.

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Users’ thoughts

Hostmonster is the company that ranks among the best web hosting companies out there. But just like any other, Host Monster has its pros and cons.

Now, without further ado, let’s try to list some strengths and weaknesses of this web hosting company and wrap up opinions of the customers from all over the world.


This HostMonster web hosting review presents the following pros for the hosting packages
• Automatic installation of applications using simple scripts, regular software updates and an easy-to-use control panel – which is very good because users like a wide range of features
• Hostmonster provides a free weekly drag-and-drop website builder which helps create a professional site without additional skills and knowledge so that no experience is needed to build your website
• The company’s 24/7 technical support is US-based. It also has a fast response time in the live chat and as well as the very comprehensive help center with a lot of tutorials and forums.
• Good security options: They have various security features such as SSH Access, Hotlink Protection, SSL Support, Spam Assasin Protection and regular site/files backups.
• It gives you a free Google advertising coupon of $100 value
• You can host multiple sites in just one Hostmonster account


Hostmonster does not come without a few cons. Here are a few cons we have noted:
• Your account may be canceled for exceeding 50000 files
• Due to high server load, HostMonster clients often experience downtimes
• Accounts can be canceled without prior notice if you exceed the disk space limit
• Hosting subscriptions start at 12 months. A Month-to-month plan is hardly there. You pay for a minimum of 3 years upfront to be able to enjoy the cheap price. Renewal takes you back to the high side.
• $1.99/month charge for backups

Drawing the conclusions

Even with a couple of clear disadvantages, we can conclude that Hostmonster provides one of the best web hostings in the industry because of its single hosting plan that offers a wide range of features including automatic installation of applications using simple scripts, extras, and bonuses aimed at promoting your website and several discounts for buying a hosting.

A big plus is the anytime money back guarantee and US-based and 24/7 available technical support. But be careful, HostMonster may cancel your account and discontinue the backup option if you exceed the disk space limit. So to conclude, if you have a smaller or even a medium-sized project, then HostMonster is a great choice for you.

Besides, a lot of their customers seem to be satisfied with them. This is based on the customers’ review available on different sites.


HostMonster has some disadvantages which are not peculiar to it alone. A lot of their paying customers give them thumbs up and confirm to have been with them for years. Their advantages outweigh their disadvantages.

I, therefore, HostMonster to anyone who wishes to host his site with a hosting company that guarantees security and ease of use, especially if the site does not need excessive files.

Hostmonster Affiliate Program

One important thing to notice is the Hostmonster affiliate program, which is one of the best affiliate programs available among web hosting companies. So if you get your visitors to sign-up at Host Monster, you’ll receive $65, which ranks amongst the highest payout rates.

Sign-up is free and once you are accepted to the program, you are provided an access to an avalanche of promotional materials to kick-start your affiliate marketing campaigns. How much you make from this affiliate program depends on how much you are able to convince your followers and friends to sign up using your affiliate link. You can promote your link using your website, blog or social networks.

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