How to be Debt Free with ZipDebt Negotiation Training

80% of Americans are in debt. Having debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can quickly become an intractable problem if you’re living beyond your means and not striving to reduce your indebtedness. Having an unmanageable debt takes your peace away and also adversely affects your credit rating resulting in higher interest rates on future debt. However, with ZipDebt Negotiation Training program you are able to be debt free.

ZipDebt Negotiation Training

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Is it possible to live a debt free life?

For the past 12 years, ZipDebt through Charles Phelan’s Debt Negotiation Training & Coaching Program™ has assisted thousands of people to settle their debts successfully. Unlike other programs, ZipDebt is a Do-It-Yourself debt management training program where you receive expert coaching enabling you to work directly with your creditors and successfully negotiate settlement of your debts without involving third-party debt settlement firms that levy huge fees.

The course designed by a former executive of a large settlement company and pioneer debt negotiator combines audio sessions with private coaching by email or telephone. The audio seminars are followed by one-on-one telephone consultation to discuss your situation and help you tailor a debt management program suitable for your circumstances. Tools including forms, sample letters, workbooks including debt reduction spreadsheet as well as document review services are provided. You are also provided with insider tips and tricks to achieve successful negotiation results. During the program, you will be provided with answers to issues that may arise as you negotiate your way towards being debt free and will be updated with new developments through regular private coaching.

Clients are successful at negotiating discounts of even up to 80% off their debt balances. It is possible to negotiate settlement of your debt while remaining in control rather than use expensive debt settlement companies.

They offer proven and successful customized DIY debt management programs. But you need not take our word! Check online testimonials from relieved and happy clients.

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• Basic Program – $197 (Training course + one telephone strategy session)
• Enhanced Program – $397 (Training course, strategy phone session, + 6 months of email coaching and document review)
• Premium Program – $777 (Training course, strategy session, + 12 months of phone/email coaching and document review)
• Premium + Business Program – $1,197 (Training course, strategy session, + 12 months of phone/email coaching, document review, and business analysis/guidance)

They have an ironclad 365-day money back guarantee. You can order in complete risk-free confidence.
With ZipDebt, you are able to achieve professional results at DYS prices. It is practically possible to live a debt free life after receiving this special training that is professionally designed for your needs.

ZipDebt Affiliate Program Details offers a product that millions of Americans need. Join the Affiliate Program and maximize your income potential!
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They pay generous commissions for every sale of ZipDebt programs generated via traffic from your website: $60.00 for the Basic Program, $120.00 for the Enhanced Program, $235.00 for the Premium Program, and $360.00 for the Premium-Business Program.

Visitors are automatically tracked through ZipDebt site to the point of sale, where you are credited commission. They pay promptly and accurately. You can log in at any time to see the status of your affiliate account.

Their affiliate program is easy to use. So get started today and make good money!

How Do I Join?

To become a ZipDebt Affiliate and benefit, complete the simple registration form. Be sure to read and agree to their Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions. You’ll receive a confirmation email and then you can log into your ZipDebt Affiliate Account. Inside you’ll find banners as well as text links to help you get started. You can live a debt free life by making enough money through the ZipDebt negotiation training. Welcome!

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