iTunes App Store: A Place to Download Music and Games

iTunes is a multimedia product of Apple company. The tech giant produces iTunes as a media player, online radio broadcaster, and media library. As a multimedia, it has a variety of functions such as to download, play, or organize videos, music, and some other media that are available on the iTunes App Store.

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iTunes can be used on this Operating System platforms such as Microsoft Windows and OS X. iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are other platforms where iTunes can be found.

What you get in iTunes App store

The iTunes App Store contains a lot of products that you can purchase and use on your iTunes. Some of these are:
• Music videos.
• Audiobooks.
• Music.
• Movies.
• Movie rentals.
• Podcasts.
• Ringtones.

Media management

Apple designed iTunes to play the role of front end for QuickTime, Apple’s media framework. Therefore, it can be used to organize and manage the data of iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Through the use of iTunes, users can perform some functions such as group their music into playlists using some libraries. It can also be used to edit information on a file, record in CDs, copy music files to an audio player, purchase videos and music via iTunes Store.

In addition, you can use iTunes to download some free podcasts, back up their songs, or encode your music into different audio formats.

If you have PDF files that you wish to add to your library, iTunes has the capability to allow you the luxury. You can then synchronize the files with other devices and read them there.

As an audio player, it supports the following file formats:
• MP3
• MPEG-4
• M4A

These are some of the many functions of iTunes that make it to be the best among movies and music lovers.

Music Downloads

Are you a lower of melodious music? Whatever form of music you enjoy, you will certainly get them to download on iTunes App store. They also come in different formats to make it easier for you based on your experience. iTunes music is for all sets of people, irrespective of gender or race. For example, the link below is one of the most downloaded music on iTunes. You can check it out

Games Download

Games are downloaded in their millions on daily basis because of the roles they play in killing boredom, improving mental development, etc. You can easily download the game of your choice and play it on your iTunes player or other devices. One of those popular games App is the “Game of War – Fire Age” which you can find on this link:

Books Downloads

Games and music are not the only things you can download on iTunes; you can also download top books in different niches. You can always search through the store to get the book of your choice. The book below is titled “The Shack” and written by William P. Young. I just included it here because of its popularity on the iTunes store.

iTunes Affiliate program

Apple runs an affiliate program for its iTunes. This affords website owners and bloggers to promote the products on iTunes Store by linking to thousands of apps and some millions of songs. You can also promote books, TV shows, movies, and some other products, earning residual income in the process. Through sales and membership of the affiliate program, you have the opportunity to make some side bucks when visitors to your website orders products from iTunes Store.

To qualify for this program, sign up on their website and complete your application with the official affiliate provider of Apple, Performance Horizon Group. Your application will be subjected to review. This will take about five working days.

If you want your application to be reviewed, you need to provide a link or website URL to an app on the Apple App Store.

You can choose from a wide range of links such as:
• Apple Music Toolbox
• Link Maker
• Auto Link Maker
• Widget builder


• iTunes is very easy to use
• Configuring the device is equally easy
• It gives room for backing up your data


• If your device has low RAM, it may find iTunes to be heavy
• Its monthly subscription of $10 is considered to be expensive


Considering the many pros of this device, it is preferred by millions of users to other brands that provide the same service. If you avail yourself of the opportunity offered by this affiliate program, you will be in good stead to earn commissions on iTunes for life.

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