KangaWeb Web Hosting Review

Are you looking for a web hosting company that will enable you to set up your website in a matter of minutes without the knowledge of HTML? It may be time to consider using Kangaweb web hosting company for your project. It’s time you stopped paying hundreds of dollars on hiring a web designer to build a website for you. With Kangaweb, you can do it yourself and save those hard-earned money.

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KangaWeb is a website hosting company that provides first-class hosting and web-building services for thousands of its customers. The company is well established and has customer service that is second to none. They have a free and easy-to–use web design tool (Site-O-Matic) to help individuals set up their own websites without any coding skills or HTML experience.

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What to get on Kangaweb web hosting

With this tool, you can get your website up and running within a couple of minutes. You simply need to choose a template that suits you and follow the instructions provided to create your website without any hitch.

With this design tool, you can:
• Build your personal web pages via their interactive.
• Change your website design without any hitch.
• Personalize your navigation bar.
• Add some HTML code to tweak a template to suit you (if you have the skills).

Aside from the Site-O-Matic tool, KangaWeb also has some other products and services that are of high importance for online entrepreneurs. This includes:

SSL Secure Server: With this secure server, you can conduct any online transactions without any fear. Your information is safe. You can also receive payments without compromising your security.
MySQL Database: This database package works excellently well with PHP to provide customers with easy information retrieval and processing.
Personal domain name: A customer can register a personal domain name with the company. Other related services include the transfer an existing site to the company’s server and the transfer of a domain.
Shopping cart: If you subscribe to a Kanga hosting plan, you are entitled to a free shopping cart for your e-commerce site.
Anti-virus: Hosting your site on kanga protects your systems from viral invasion. Both incoming and outgoing emails are scanned by their servers for a virus. As a result, viruses are blocked, and attachments that can transfer virus are blocked too.
Uninterrupted FTP access: You have unrestricted access to your account via the company’s FTP every second of the day. Through the FTP, you can upload files to your site too.
• Other resources such as glossary, Tech Support, troubleshooting guides, tutorials, and much more.

These products and services are tailored towards the needs of their clients to ensure excellent service and customer satisfaction. To subscribe to a plan and start enjoying all the features listed above, click here.

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Kangaweb web hosting offers three major plans apart from the free trial account. The three main plans are:
Small Business Starter = $14.95/month|$29.95 setup : This plan comes with 100MB of storage space, 10 POP3 email accounts, use your own domain name, free domain name registration (or half-price trial month), 20GB of traffic per month, easy-to-configure online shopping cart, interactive website creation tool, unlimited cell phone enabled email addresses, anti-spam facilities, anti-virus facilities, unlimited number of autoresponders, unlimited email forwarding, unlimited email aliases, configurable web-based email system, POP diagnosis and mailbox cleanup tools, CGI Script wizard for use installation and configuration of the easy-to-use scripts, FormMail for automatic email forms, Image Counter (Graphical site hit counter), Text Counter (text-based site hit counter), YaBB 1 Gold (online bulletin board), Mojo Mail (mailing list program), FFA Links Page (website link listing script), eUpload for managing file uploads using your web browser, Guestbook to enable visitors leave you a message, Show and Sell Banner Rotator (to manage site advertisement), FTP access 24 hours daily, Unlimited password-protected directories, Access to raw logs, Weekly backups, Very fast 10,000+ Mbps connection to the internet, Customizable Error 404 missing document page, 365/24/7 network monitoring, WWWBoard (online message board), etc.

Business Power = $22.95/month|$29.95 setup : In addition to the features of the Small Business Starter, you have 150MB of storage space, and Telnet/Shell access including SSH secure shell.

Corporate Giant = $29.95/month|$29.95 setup : In addition to the features of the Small Business Starter, you have 500MG of storage space, SSL secure server, Gnu Privacy guard, MySQL Database, Telnet/Shell access (SSH secure shell), osCommerce shopping cart, and Detailed site statistics and graphs (updated daily).

Your free 30-day trial account will be ready to go as soon as you subscribe to it. The account becomes active to enable your site to be up during the trial period. The free period does not have the free domain registration offer and the E-mail Pro accounts.

The moment you upgrade your free trial account, you will be charged a setup fee, and three months hosting fees will be charged in advance. However, you are free to cancel your account during the free trial period if you are not satisfied with the services or features of the hosting plans.


• 99.99% uptime
• Solid customer service. They respond to e-mails in less than an hour
• User-friendly interface
• 30 days free trial
• Secure server


Kangaweb web hosting is not without a few cons. Here are the cons
• Charging setup fee. Almost all other hosting companies set up your account for free
• Limited storage space for all plans

You can also check out our Pure Hosting Review and make some comparisons between the two products.

Having seen the pros and cons of this web hosting company, you can open your hosting account if you are satisfied with the features highlighted here. In order to subscribe to plan, click here

for your 30 day free trial account!

Kangaweb Affiliate program

KangaWeb offers a recurring commission of 30% when you refer new affiliates and customers to subscribe to their web hosting services. From the hosting fees of these referrals, you are eligible for commission.

The affiliate program also supports sub-affiliate reference. You will receive a commission of 5% on the sales of any of your referrals. If your referral introduces a new affiliate, you will earn a commission of 5% commission on the new affiliate. If the new affiliate introduces another affiliate, your commission is 2%. This goes on until the fifth level, with you forming the first level. Don’t forget that this is in addition to the initial 30% commission you will receive for your referrals.

To join the Kangaweb web hosting affiliate program,

Click here!.


Without any doubt, this is the best way to earn residual income regularly for life. Remember, the more affiliates you introduce, the more income you receive.

Over to you

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