Lunarpages Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Do you need a cheap dedicated server hosting for your website and blog? Lunarpages Internet Solution is a leading provider of information technology, IT infrastructure, business processing outsourcing and global web hosting services. Lunarpages provides innovative web hosting solutions for established industry leaders, small businesses, and individuals. They provide the following hosting services

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

For larger businesses handling high traffic, the ideal solution is dedicated server. This is to accommodate maximum customization, configuration, and flexibility. The clients have full control over the servers as well as the choice of the operating systems.

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Their cheap Dedicated server hosting gives the clients the advantage of maximum security which ensures the safety of data on their servers. Lunarpages web hosting gives you coverage on every possible need your business might encounter in a secure, scalable and reliable web hosting environment.

Lunarpages dedicated hosting plan gives your business the web solution they need to expand their operations. They provide clients five different plans to choose from. You can choose from the Linux or Windows packages or the all-new Hexacore for higher resources and greater control of your dedicated server.

All Lunarpages dedicated hosting plans come with priority 24-hour support to reduce server online downtime to the barest minimum.

Basic hosting

Apart from the cheap dedicated server hosting, this company also offers basic hosting. Lunarpages basic hosting starts at $4.95 per month. It has unlimited bandwidth, making it quite easy for people to have fast access to your site. In addition, the basic hosting has the following:
Unlimited Email accounts: making it possible for you to have several email addresses as you may deem necessary.
Online Control Panel: With this, you take complete charge of your site. The cPanel helps you in creating databases, managing your files, transferring files, installing programs and managing emails.
Unlimited FTP Account: This enables you to move files/folders from your computer hard drive to your server, and vice versa.
Free Domain Name: The package comes with a free domain name for one year upon purchasing a new 12-month + hosting plan. This is helpful if you don’t have extra money to purchase one for yourself. The domain name has to be redeemed within 30 days of signup.
Add-on Domains: Add-on domains on this package are unlimited. In other words, it is possible to host as many sites as you wish on this package.
Apart from the unlimited Add-on domains, you equally have the liberty to add as many Sub Domains as you wish.
Unlimited Parked Domains: They help you keep your domains till you are ready or have enough money to host them.

Other features included with this package include: Unlimited MySQL Databases, PHP Support, python Support, Ruby on Rails support, Perl Support, Server side includes, CGI-BIN, Facebook Ads Services ($25), SEO/PPC Services, Site Builder, Softaculous, McAfee Secure Trust Logo, Shell Access ($2.00 per month), and 24/7/365 Support.

With the features mentioned above, the Basic Hosting is surely the best option for blogs, Small projects, personal sites, small business websites, portfolios, Forums, Email accounts with your personal domain, etc. You can use the code aff15off to get 15% discount on any package you wish to subscribe to.

Windows Hosting

The windows hosting plans contains all the above-listed features except that it does not have parked domains, Ruby rails support, Python support, Facebook Ads credit, Site builder, softaculous and McAfee Secure trust Logo, and it comes with just one Add-on domain. The price of the Windows hosting goes for $9.95 per month.

Business Premium Hosting

The business premium also shares the features of the Basic hosting, except that it has 200GB Bandwidth per month. The price is $22.95 per month.

Business Advantage Hosting

Business Advantage Hosting has all the aforementioned features in addition to 400GB bandwidth and 40GB storage. The price is $42.95 per month. This is really helpful is your business is fairly large.

Business Enterprise Hosting

Everything on the Business Enterprise hosting is unlimited. This is for very large businesses. The price is just $62.95 per month.

Scalable Cloud Hosting

The scalable cloud hosting allows you to be in total control of your resources and pay only for what you use. You have the option of choosing what you want, from the number of CPU cores to the amount of bandwidth, disk space, and RAM. The standard features include 50GB of SSD Enhanced Storage, 2GB of RAM, 1000GB of Bandwidth, 1 IP address, and Multiple servers for failover. Price is $44.95 per month.

Scalable features and pricing include:
RAM: 1 GB increments up to a total of 12GB of ram $0.60 per GB per day.
CPU: Increase up to 8 cores $0.30 per core per day
Disk Space: Increase for $0.03 per GB per day
Bandwidth: $0.35 per GB per day.

Now, having seen all that is possible with the Lunarpages hosting, it is time to make your decision to buy. To open your personal account, click here to subscribe to hosting plan and begin to enjoy all the features associated with the various plans.


• Fast loading pages
• Reliable uptime of 99.9%
• Fair pricing starting from $3.95 monthly
• Free domain name and site migration
• Premium backup
• 30-day money back guarantee


• Limited scripts allowed for installation
• Charges setup fee
• Slow customer support response
• Charges for cPanel

My verdict

Lunarpages is a reliable web hosting provider, especially in the area of cheap dedicated server hosting. They have more of positive indicators than the negative. You can still do your investigation before subscribing for a package. Should you choose to host your site with them, you can use the code aff15off to get 15% discount on whatever package you choose.

Lunarpages Affiliate Program.

Lunarpages affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn big. If you have a website and you have never earned a penny from it, Lunarpages affiliate program is offering you the platform to do so. This affiliate program pays as much as $300 per referral. All you need to do is spread the news in your social circle. Let everyone who needs a cheap dedicated server hosting know that Lunarpages can them same.

The cheering news is, you don’t even have to run a website or have the knowledge of HTML to make money from this. Lunarpages work with you all the way and ensures you earn from its affiliate program.

Lunarpages affiliate program offers:
• Multi-tier commission
• Product based commission, 2nd tier commission ready-made banner.
• A unique, close-knit staff with dedicated affiliate.

Join today and start earning big. No need to stay idle and yet cry for lack of money. With Lunarpages affiliate program, you are sure to make extra money and smile to the bank on a regular basis.

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