How to Make Your First $1,000 on Even With Limited Skills

Are you a writer who has all the skills to deliver the best-researched contents and yet nobody is willing to patronize you? Are you sick and tired of loitering around all the freelance sites and unable to get a single client for months? Would you love me to take you by the hands and show you how to get your first well-paying client and how to make endless $1,000s monthly from writing? I am sure you have had the desire to make money online and live the kind of life that befits your status. Some people may have told you that making money online and then living a financially independent life is impossible. What did you do with this information, believe it? Don’t worry! I am here to show you how deadly wrong that information is. I am going to show you how to make your first $1,000 on even with limited skills.

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I have been making money recently from a freelance website and have been able to see that making money is not only possible, you can make a steady income online even when there is competition. This information I have will show you how to succeed and make your very first $1,000 from Freelancer dot com within three months of joining, even if you don’t have the needed skill. Making wealth is not just a product of skills; it is a product of smartness, skills and associating with the right people. I have put my strategies down in an e-book

What will this e-book teach you?

I know you do not have all the time to make the research yourself; you may not even have the time to find out how the big boys are doing it and making their dollars. I have already done the hard parts for you in this E-book. So here are some of the things this e-book will show you:
 How to make your first $1,000 on
 What you need to make money as a freelancer
 How to make your first bid
 How to improve your chances of landing a project
 How to get enough bidding credits
 Things you must never do as a freelancer
 How to make real money as a freelancer
 How to bid on a project
 How to accept a project
 How to withdraw your earned money
 The strategy I have adopted and it is working perfectly for me

This e-book is available on kindle for just $2.99 for everyone who takes action. So you will get instant access, even if it is 3am so long as you are willing to take action. You don’t want to keep procrastinating, do you?

How I succeeded as a freelancer and How you can succeed too

I struggled like you, trying to make money as a blogger but to no avail. The more I worked hard, trying to succeed, the more difficult it was to succeed. I was writing quality content but the traffic was not coming all because I couldn’t do what the “Big Boys” were doing to get their own traffic. I was at the point of quitting when I decided to try my hands on freelancer dot com.

Upon joining the Freelancer site, I first decided to work as a client because I needed to get more posts to update my blogs. But after about 2 years of being there, it suddenly occurred to me that I could make money writing for people. I was paying people to work, I could as well make money doing what I knew best – writing. Then the breakthrough came.

I have personally made over $1,000 within three months of being serious on the site. This success did not come by accident, I adopted a special strategy, and I have explained that strategy that has been putting money regularly into my bank account. If I could make it, then you can make it too.

Hurry up and get your copy now. You will learn how to get rid of those ‘$1.5’ per 500-word articles and how to land up to $25 per 500 – 800 words articles just as I am currently doing for a particular client by just writing and submitting an article to his blog for publication. This client alone pays me $50 per month for submitting only 2 articles per month, and he pays me $600 per year. Imagine if you have 6 of such clients, which would put $3,600 in your pocket yearly.

Apart from being a writer, how can you make money with other skills? This is part of the questions the e-book provides an answer to. I have explained how other people like web designers, logo designers, e-book writers, e-book cover designers, internet marketers, etc can also make regular incomes on Freelancer dot com and live comfortably.

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Lest I forget! Did you just say you have no skills? Not to worry, your case has been taken care of as well. This e-book shows you how to earn a living without any skills. I have highlighted those strategies I have used to make money even in the areas where I have no knowledge. It’s about being smart. Get your own copy now before the price goes up. The discount price is only available for the first 50 persons to take action.

Don’t just fold your hands and watch others make money while you complain about not being employed. The world is witnessing an economic downturn; people are losing their jobs because employers can no longer meet up with the financial challenges facing their businesses. But, do you know that this development has made a lot of people rich? Several jobs are being executed online these days. People are dropping their daily paid jobs are seeking for financial refuge online. They are making real money with their skills and creative minds. But how do you take advantage of this? Do not bother even if you do you not know what to do and how to make this work in your favour. This e-book tells you how to work smarter and earn more money. If you apply the suggestions in this book, you can make over $1,000 as a part time freelancer within one to three months.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Place your order now and get your copy at $2.99. Cheap, isn’t it? I want everyone to be able to afford it and start making money immediately. Don’t allow the current economic downturn to hold you hostage. Liberate yourself now. Learn the strategies that work for me – they will work for you also.

Consideration for Nigerians

If you live in Nigeria and don’t have a way of paying with your ATM online, you can still get this book without sweating. I have already thought about your predicament and that is why I have arranged an alternative for you.

To get a copy, simply pay the sum of #1,200 into any of the following accounts:
1.Zenith Bank PLC
Account Name: Efoghor Joseph Ezie
Account number: 2003052675

2. Access Bank PLC
Account Name: Efoghor Joseph Ezie
Account Number: 0055978088

3. GT Bank PLC
Account name: Efoghor Joseph Ezie
Account Number: 0047109059 (Current)

After payment, send me an email with the subject “E-book payment”

Indicate your name, receipt number, and the e-mail to deliver your copy to.
Send the details to me at and your copy will be sent to you as soon as the transaction is confirmed.

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