Nexcess Affiliate programme, much beyond traditional hosting

Nexcess is a Michigan-based Southfield hosting company featuring data centers wholly owned and located in Southfield and Dearborn, Michigan. It was founded in 2000. It also manages the satellite hosting operations in Australia and United Kingdom. Nexcess provides an array of hosting services including from entry-level packages to complex/clustered hosting configurations customized as per needs. It also features mission-critical hosting emphasizing on high profile eCommerce websites. Nexcess is a provider of Magento, WordPress and ExpressionEngine hosting. Nexcess Affiliate Programme announced a new program that will offer in return a 75% of your monthly plans recurring value. The Nexcess web hosting programs allow users to enjoy unbeatable benefits from its hosting products. To open a hosting account, click here.

nexcess web hosting

What you get from Nexcess?

Nexcess affiliate programme is the best affiliate programme, where the members are rewarded with respect to the referrals they achieve.

One-time payouts is possible for a hosting referral that is basic optimized Magento ranging from $19 to $3,150 and upwards as an enterprise- managed server cluster referral.

Nexcess affiliate focuses on the convenience of users. This is apparent as it does not compel with a flat payout rate on a hosting package. Instead, referral program is offered reflecting companies key philosophies that a typical size is not the need of all. This is the reason that new Nexcess affiliate programme members are rewarded of the referrals to the gravity they attain.

What Nexcess offers

Recently, Nexcess affiliate programme was recognized as the 245th fastest growing company by Deloitte. Leveraging its good partnerships with EllisLab and Magento, the Nexcess team is now committed to offering performance-oriented hosting and is tailored uniquely for particular applications meeting the essential implementation.

Nexcess Affiliate programme members will be offered a series of text links, banners and white papers to support the process of sales. Managing this best affiliate programme of Nexcess as partnership now helps in generating a substantial income. This can be done using the affiliate dashboard that has statistics and real-time features reporting comprehensive sales and banner performance, balance data and traffic.

Ease of use

Nexcess offers everything in excess. This affiliate programme is easy and free to join, requiring no technical knowledge. Not a tech-savvy, nothing to worry. These affiliate programs help website owners in creating additional profit as these programs bring in sales and traffic for the commercial websites and thus in return receive payment as a commission.

Joining the Affiliate Programme implies you receive the textual links and banners in variety. As a visitor clicks on any such link, it reaches their website and instantly the activity is traced using their affiliate software, earning you a commission. You may log in to check your traffic, sales, banners performance and account balance anytime a day. Opening an affiliate account is simple with $10 as initial benefit for signing up. Payout minimum balance is $50 and payments are done every month. The payout waiting period is for 90 days.

With Nexcess you can be assured of the best services as it offers a lot in excess beyond traditional hosting. Ensure to maximize revenue with the right host, Nexcess.

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