Payoneer Debit Card Affiliate Program; Free $25 for Signing Up

Have you ever made money and then the means of withdrawing the money became a big problem? Such is the predicament a lot of people face online. Worst hit is people from countries where PayPal cannot be accessed. While withdrawing money is seamless for some people, others face a huge challenge trying to get a system that should help them cash their monies without facing the headache created by the discriminatory policies of PayPal.

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All those headaches are now over, thanks to the alternative provided by Payoneer debit card. With Payoneer, you can withdraw your earned cash or even request payments for jobs executed for people. Once you are issued a Payoneer Debit card, you can use it to cash your money on ATMs in your country.

How much does Payoneer Debit card charge for withdrawals?

Payoneer has different charges, which I would rather say make the payment system a bit expensive. However, in a situation where you are left with that as the only viable alternative, one has to make do with what is available. If you look at it the other way round, you will agree with me that you still have some advantages – you are completely in the custody of your money and you can take it to any ATM for withdrawal without the fear of your account being closed by PayPal without explanation. Well, here are some of the charges to expect while using Payoneer debit card:

• Annual Account maintenance: $29.95 per year (from available balance each year)
• Card Replacement: $12.95 Per card (One time – when issuing a replacement card)
• ATM Withdrawals or Cash Disbursement: $3.15 per transaction
• ATM Decline Fee: $1.00 per transaction
• ATM Balance Inquiry Fee: $1.00 per transaction

List of sites that pay through Payoneer Debit Card Freelance marketplace for different professionals – A freelance marketplace also for different classes of professionals A freelance marketplace for web and logo designers
Envato Marketplace: An affiliate site that sells WordPress themes, plugins, etc
Template Monster: Another affiliate site for WordPress premium themes This is an autoresponder provider for your e-mail marketing – advertising network – A link shortening site
Clicksor – A contextual ad network site
Kontextua – This is a display advertising network
RevenueHits – An ads providing network
CpaLead – A cost per action advertising network site
Peerfly – A cost per action affiliate marketing site This is a CPC, CPM, CPA advertisement network site
Adbooth – Cost per action site This is a cost per click affiliate site – A paid per download file site This is an affiliate program site where you can make money promoting different products A microjobs site where you earn money by putting your professional skills to work This is a microjobs site for different professionals This is a microjobs site where you earn money executing some projects professional stock photos site – A professional photos site – Professional stock photos site – A gaming site – This is a gaming site – product marketplace – product marketplace
Payoneer Debit Card is not only needed for you to receive money from a freelance or affiliate site, you can also use it to pay for services only. It works like any other ATM card and is even more trusted than so many of those ATM cards out there. For instance, you can use it to pay for services on sites like:




• Your account is secured and not closed arbitrarily like it happens on PayPal
• You can easily withdraw your money on ATMs anywhere
• Your card is delivered to your home at no cost
• You can receive money from sites and from individuals
• Card is trusted on several websites
• You can easily use it offline on POS machines


• Too many charges, making it a bit expensive
• You pay a fee when a transaction is declined
• Cards can miss in transit, thereby delaying your time

Payoneer Debit Card Affiliate Program Reward

Payoneer debit card is not only for receiving earned money or paying for goods and services online. You can make money by joining the Payoneer Debit Card affiliate program and by inviting your friends to join too. Once you join, they will give you a unique affiliate link which you need to share on your site or with your friends.

Once someone clicks on your link and obtains a Payoneer Debit Card, you will need to wait for him to take action. Upon depositing up to $100 into the card, Payoneer will pay you $25 and also pay the referral $25.

$25 commission may not be big money, but assuming you get 4 sign ups monthly, that would amount to getting $100 reward monthly from Payoneer. Will that not take care of a few financial challenges?

You can join the affiliate program and start to earn extra income each time someone uses your affiliate link to join and obtain a debit card.

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