Premium WordPress Themes: Top 15 Places To Buy Them

The beauty of WordPress sites depends on the kind of themes and plugins they are built with. Premium themes are exceptionally great for websites because of the additional functionality, compared to free themes or templates. When starting out as a newbie, you can use a free template for your site, but as things begin to improve, it is always better to switch to premium templates to make the site stand out. Customization is better with premium themes, no doubt.

Unfortunately, as important as premium WordPress themes are, you still find some people relying on those obsolete free templates to run their sites. They are not ready to invest money. In order to make money, one must be prepared to invest some money too. Quality themes and plugins definitely help in adding beauty, security, professionalism, responsiveness and trust to a website, hence they should never be overlooked.

As you may have been aware, I get paid for some products and services that I write about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in that I review their products. If you click on the links and purchase any of the products, I get rewarded with some commissions for my efforts.

However, that does not in any way influence my personal opinion of the products. I always try to give my sincere opinion of the products I review after extensive research on them.

I review each product believing it would be really useful to you. The merchants/advertisers do not directly pay me anything for reviewing the products; I only receive some commissions if you buy through my link – a little reward for my efforts.

Premium WordPress themes places

In this post, I shall be treating the most popular places to buy your premium WordPress themes. Buying of premium templates is inevitable in the long run. If you mean business, then be prepared to run your site in a professional way. Here are the top 15 places where you can shop for your WordPress themes.

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1. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop is a reliable place to shop for premium WordPress themes. With over 357778 happy customers and several powerful, elegant, SEO friendly and customizable templates, this site is certainly one of the most trusted places to get your choice of templates for your blogs and websites. An average theme on this site goes for $69. Membership license goes for $349. But with periodic promos, you can easily get some of those professional themes for as low as $19 per theme. They provide a professional support for their customers. You may be interested to check out my review of MyThemeShop themes here.

Some of the themes here include Schema, SociallyViral, Authority, Interactive, WordX, HowTo, Blogging, NewsOnline, Magazine, Entrepreneurship, Video, MagXP, Best, JustFit, PointPro, MoneyFlow, WooCart, etc. They also boast of a collection of professional WordPress plugins.

You can check out some of the premium themes on the platform of MyThemeShop on this link.

MyThemeShop Affiliate program

MyThemeShop’s affiliate program enables you to earn 70% affiliate commission on each sale referred to them. For each $69 theme your referral purchases, you earn $48.30. If your referral subscribes to membership theme of $349, you also earn $244.30

There are promotional materials to help you make more sales. Cookie life is 60 days. There is also the 2-tier lifetime 10% commission. There are over 80 products to choose from. The Payout is usually monthly. You may be interested in joining the affiliate program. You can do that here by clicking on this link.

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2. Elegant Themes

ElegantThemes is a trusted brand and boasts of well over 350,000 satisfied customers and over 87 beautiful, responsive themes. Their templates cover different areas such as blogging, business, news, e-commerce, etc. Some of the available themes include Divi, Extra, Nexus, Vertex, Foxy, StyleShop, Fable, Nimble, Explorable, Fusion, Lucid, etc. Apart from templates, they also have reliable plugins that can make your site stand out from the crowd.

An average personal theme goes for $69 per year; Developer price is $89 per year, and lifetime access is $249 one-time payment. Do you want to build a professionally looking website/blog? You need to check out the ElegantThemes site for quality WordPress themes to help you out.

ElegantThemes Affiliate Program

Their affiliate program is quite rewarding; you earn 50% commission on every sale referred to them. Apart getting a commission for the initial purchase, you also earn recurrent yearly commissions on the renewal of subscriptions. There are over 30,000 currently registered affiliates here, which shows that the program is lucrative. They are trusted and affiliates are paid as and when due.

The more referrals you send, the more money you will make. With professional affiliate managers, promotional banners and other promotional tools available, it is easy for one to make sales and earn big. You can join the Elegant themes affiliate program here.


3. Envato

Envato is another trusted network where you can easily buy premium WordPress themes and plugins for your website and blog. The Envato marketplace offers several quality responsive, professional templates under their Themeforest stores.


Themeforest has a collection of themes and templates you can use for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento sites as well as for your landing pages. Some of the beautiful themes available include Cart, Optimize, Sila, Helping Hands, Herald, Packet, Tersus, Alaska, Ascend, Wooza, Mechanic, Oxigen, Capitona, Foxuhost, Shaka, etc.

For more Themeforest premium templates, demos and more information, check this link.

Themeforest Affiliate program

The Themeforest affiliate program allows you to earn 30% commission on every sale referred to them. So, it is pretty easy to make money by referring more customers to them. Quality promotional materials are available for affiliates to succeed in their marketing. To join the Themeforest affiliate program, click on this link.

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4. Template Monster

Template Monster has been in the business of selling premium WordPress themes for long. They have quality templates that can reliably power any WordPress site or blog. They have responsive and customizable themes which can help give your site the professional touch it deserves. You can visit the Template Monster site to purchase any of their themes here.

Template Monster Affiliate Program

The Template Monster’s affiliate program is handled by MyTemplateStorage. The affiliate program was started as a project of Artvertex in 2002. Currently, it ranks among the top 1,000 most popular websites on the internet and enjoys over 30,000 unique visitors per day. You receive up to 50% commission for each sale referred to them. With banners and other promotional materials at your beck and call, you are good to go. To join the MyTemplateStorage affiliate program, click here and open your free account.

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5. Thrive Themes

ThriveThemes is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes sellers. They boast of a lot of professional templates that are beautiful, responsive, customizable and highly SE-optimized. Unfortunately, they are no longer accepting new affiliates into their affiliate program at the moment. You can check out their Conversion Focused WordPress Themes

6. Mojo Themes

Mojo has gradually become a household name in the themes business by partnering with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Tumblr, and a lot of WordPress hosting sites to provide professional themes and plugins to WordPress users. They offer quality themes that are highly optimized for speed, ads and search engines.

Some of the themes on the Mojo marketplace are Bizbuzz, Foody, Blog Mandu, Majestick, Claire, Red+, PhotoBook, B, HopeCharity, Coffee Table, ROS, RFC vision, Broadsword, Redwaves, Expertum, Superblog, RFC Bali, Dreamer, S&S, Squirrel, Treb, Touka, Vowels, Cronos, Lato, My Stories, Afropavo, etc. You can check the Mojo marketplace for quality blog themes.

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Mojo Affiliate Program

Mojo is one good place to earn reasonable affiliate commissions. Affiliates earn 30% commissions on each sale referred through their links. Once you have an account as a mojo customer, you are automatically allowed to promote their products as an affiliate. You can still promote them as an affiliate without being a paid customer. Click here to join the Mojo affiliate program right away.

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7. Themify

Themify has over 58,000 customers. They provide quality, fast, responsive, user-friendly themes for your WordPress websites and blogs. The number of customers they have testifies to the fact that they are highly trusted.

Some of the premium templates on Themify include Peak, Ultra, Music, Parallax, Split, Landing, Fullpane, Elegant, Corporate, etc. You can check on the site for more options. Check out more themify themes on this link.

Themify Affiliate Program

You earn 30% commission on the purchase made by each customer you refer to them. Tracking cookie life is 60 days; payment is made through PayPal, and there is a 30-day wait period in case of refunds. Commissions are paid on the 1st of every month once your account balance is up to $50. To join the Themify affiliate program and start earning residual incomes, click here to open a free account.

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8. ThemeJunkie

ThemeJunkie is a trusted WordPress themes seller, with over 30,000 happy customers. There are 69 templates suitable for blogs, websites and businesses. So far, their themes have had up to 650,000 downloads up till date.

Some of the themes on their site include MyMedic, ReviewPro, TrueReview, Beginner, Roku, SiteBox, Saha, PostBoard, Posty, Shopy, Leda, SmartZine, SuperNews, Newspaper, MagNow, EasyNote, iMedical, FreshLife, Daily, Mystery, FlatLine, FireUp, VideoZ, StorePro, TrueNews, TheWorld, Rexus, AquaMag, Scroller, GoMedia, Company, Deals, etc. Each of the themes goes for just $39. There are also free themes that you can use if you are not financially buoyant.

To check for a theme of your choice, click here to visit the ThemeJunkie marketplace.

ThemeJunkie Affiliate Program

ThemeJunkie gives you an opportunity to make money as an affiliate. Your affiliate commission per referred sale is 30%. You are allowed to use affiliate links or banners to promote their products. Once you make a sale, you are noticed by e-mail so that you can easily track the sale. You can actually make a living from this affiliate program if you are able to refer several people monthly. To join the ThemeJunkie affiliate program, click here to open a free account.

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9. Templatic

Templatic is a household name in the business of WordPress premium themes. They have in their directory, a collection of quality professional templates that can help add beauty and functionality to any website, blog and business.

Some of the quality premium WordPress themes you find here include Chateau, Furniture, Music, Construction, Business directory, Shopoholic, Directory, Eventum, Classifieds, SpotFinder, Splendor, Listings, HomeQuest, YellowPages, City Guide, JobsDirectory, Locations, Cuisine, Explore, Emblem, Travel, etc. So whatever niche you want to build your blog around, you can find a theme for it here.

Some of the premium templates are sold between $49 and $65 (standard price for one blog), $99 (developer price for 5 domains installation), and $299 (the club license for unlimited domains). With the club license, you have access to all Templatic themes, plugins, and a lifetime usage license. You can check out more premium themes here.

Templatic Affiliate Program

With Templatic affiliate program, you earn 30% commission on every purchase made by your referrals. Payments are made through PayPal. Affiliates receive their commission payments as and when due. You will be provided with the promotional materials necessary to enable you make sales. To join their affiliate program, click here to register for an account right away.

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10. Tesla

Tesla is another reputable provider of responsive, beautiful, modern WordPress themes with clean design, powerful features and free premium support. There are 58 premium themes to choose from in case you need to build a blog or website, and give it a personal touch.

Some of the templates on the Tesla themes directory include Relive, Riverside Resort, Enterprise, Meeting, Narcos, Zero, Duality, Superstar, Coup, Daily Post, Bishop, Credo, LevelUp, Advent, Cre8or, Epilog, Rhino, Realtor, Defender, Worker, Megalith, Resume, E-Event, Revoke2, etc.

You can get some of these blog themes for a one-time fee of $48 each. But with just $199, you can have a lifetime access to them. If you are a developer, it is better to go for the lifetime license that provides unlimited access. Click here to take a look at some of the beautiful themes available on Tesla.

Tesla Affiliate Program

Tesla offers 2-tier affiliate compensation. They pay out a whopping 50% commission to their affiliates for every sale they refer. When the customer you referred joins Tesla affiliate program and refers a customer, you get 15% commission on the purchase made by that new customer. Isn’t that fantastic? Their cookie life is 90 days. If you have an account with them, you are automatically an affiliate. You can get your affiliate links and banners to promote their themes. Payment is made every 5th of a new month, and you can withdraw your money anytime you wish even if you have only $1 in your account. To join the Tesla affiliate program and start earning residual incomes, click here.

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11. ThemeTrust

As the name suggests, ThemeTrust is a trusted name when it comes to selling premium WordPress themes, plugins and hosting. They have a lot of responsive and highly beautiful themes you can use for your blogs. There are also promo codes to help reduce the cost.

Some of the blog themes on their site include Ridge, Oracle, Craft, Mindful, Clarity, Solo, Hero, Gather, Hardy, Reveal, Hayden, Ink, Baylie, Trail, Port, Gear, Swell, Create, Bramble, Mellow, Beckett, Uber, Filtered, Infinity, Pure, Clean, etc. An average theme on the site goes for $58.
Click here to visit their site for more themes.

ThemeTrust Affiliate Program

Just like many other WordPress themes sites, ThemeTrust pays affiliate commission of 30% on every sale you generate. Payment is made on the 5th of each month through PayPal. All you need to earn money is to display your affiliate link or banners on your blog/website, and when a customer clicks on it to purchase a theme, you are paid 30% commission. If you want to join their affiliate program, click here to sign up for a free account.

12. i3Themes

I3themes is one of the top places to buy premium WordPress themes for your blogs and websites. They have a collection of highly responsive premium templates that can be accessed on any mobile device. They also have a lot of quality plugins.

Some of the unique website templates on their website include Marvel HD, Blacktop SL, Modern FD, Santana HD, Blackboard FD, Pumped, Trinity, NewMetro, Denmark, Onyx, Gotham, Diavlo, Coda, Portico, Tempus, Avante, Expo, Champion, etc. Each of them goes for $69. Click here to see a demo of the Creative and Unique Web Templates

i3Themes Affiliate Program

The affiliate program for i3themes is handled by ‘Lucky Marble Solutions’. The percentage paid as the commission is not quite spelled out on the site. However, they promise to pay commissions on all qualified sales. Payment is by PayPal. Click here to join their affiliate program now.

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13. ThemeFuse

ThemeFuse is another reliable place to buy premium WordPress themes. They have a robust store with colourful, pixel-perfect, responsive and highly optimized templates. Their themes are easy to use, and can be customized to your taste.

Some of the Themefuse templates are Reel Story, Aesthetic, The Core, Exposure, Philanthropy, Paws & Claws, In Shape, The Flavour, Games Zone, Tapptastic, Paradise Cove, Freelancer, Beat Heaven, Collective, Evangelist, Auto Trader, Kiddo Turf, Metro Vibes, Conexus, Interakt, News Setter, etc. While a few are sold at $45 each, most of the themes go for $55. However, the Voyage theme goes for $95. You can check their themes here.

ThemeFuse Affiliate Program

ThemeFuse affiliate program pays 30% on each qualified sale and then another 10% recurrent payment made in every billing circle. Payment is made through PayPal and the cookie life is 60 days. Payments are sent out between the 1st and 10th of the following month – usually there is a 30-day delay in order to prevent frauds. You are allowed to use your affiliate links and banners on your site to help refer traffic to them. Click here to join their affiliate program now.

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14. Creative Market

Creative Market also is a well known name in the themes business. They have been around for some time and built credibility for themselves. You can get the choice of template you need for your website and blog on their themes directory. Click here to see their collection of templates.

Creative Market Affiliate Program

The affiliate program here earns you 10% commission on each qualified sale sent to them through your link. Once you are approved into the program, you can start sharing your links with friends and on your blog as well. Promotional banners are also available for you to drive sales. You can click here to join the creative market affiliate program.

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15. AppThemes

Appthemes is yet another place to purchase premium WordPress themes for your blogs. Their themes and plugins are quite easy to set up. The support team is always handy to render necessary assistance.

Some of the unique website templates on their shelf include Taskerr, HireBee, ClassiPress, Vantage, JobRoller, Clipper, etc. You can get each for $69 or pay $199 to get all. There are other themes that are relatively cheaper too. To see other themes and their prices, click here.

AppThemes Affiliate Program

AppThemes has 2-tier affiliate payment system that allows you to earn 30% commission on direct sales referred to them, and another 10% on sales made by your referrals who become their affiliates. They have a deep linking system that allows you to link to any page you would love to promote. You can earn up to $59.70 per sale. Affiliate links and banners are available for you to promote them and make more sales and commissions. Commissions are paid out monthly as soon as your account balance is up to $100. Click here to join their affiliate program and start to earn residual income right away.


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KadenceThemes has great themes with versatile options and multiple styles. Their premium WordPress themes are quite lovely and easy to customize to suit the specific needs of the individual sites and blogs. They come with great features.

KadenceThemes Affiliate Program

KadenceThemes has an affiliate program that enables you earn up to 20% commission. Affiliates are required to refer at least 2 sales before cashing out their commissions. Payments are made through PayPal. Affiliates are not allowed to use coupon codes to promote their links. Click here to join the affiliate program and start to earn residual income.

So, those are the top 15 places to get your premium WordPress themes. I may have omitted some important ones because there are actually a lot of places. If you think there is any one I left out, please share with us in the comment box below. Your ideas are welcome as I am sure they can help people get the best.

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