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When I was asked about the best web hosting for WordPress, I did not mince words in telling the person that about press wizards. But the person could not relate the name because what he knows about is web wizards. This is why it is necessary for me to make the clarifications I will make below. This firm has been going with the name web wizards since 1997. Since then, they have been offering web hosting service for WordPress. So, you will most definitely be in order when you promote a WordPress focus in the brand.

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The firm briefly added WP in its name, making it WP Web Wizards. But because of how handful the name is and the fact that many people will not remember easily, it has to be cut down to something simpler and more marketable and now, the firm is Press Wizards. Still based on web hosting service for WordPress, they focus not only on offering the best service to the old customers; they also market for new customers. This is another avenue through which they put money into the pockets of many people. This is done through their affiliate program, which you can also take advantage of.

All you need to do to join the affiliate program and earn huge money through referrals is to sign in. When you sign in, you will be supplied with lots of affiliate marketing tools which you will place on your website. When potential clients and visitors to your website hire their services through you, you will earn some income. Now, you can do this marketing either on your website, blog, social media pages or offline. Again, if you are one of their customers and they are hosting your website, it will even be easier for you. All you need to do is to click on the affiliate program at the top corner of the website and you will join immediately.

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Why is Press Wizards the Best Web Hosting for WordPress Affiliates?

There are some things that are special with the Press Wizards Hosting Affiliate Program. Just as it is the best web hosting for WordPress, it is also the best for affiliate earnings.

The reasons include the fact that what you earn is not the meager amount paid out by other web hosting service affiliate programs. You earn up to 25% commission when you work with them, and this comes to you every month. Those on the second tier affiliate program earn about 5% residual commission every month too. This is also paid as far as the customer is alive and patronizing. You are also given the chance to engage in proper cookie tracking with an IP address that matches up as the backup. You gain detailed statistics of your performance and that of your customers whenever you feel like looking at it. This will give you the direction to toe.

This firm also offers services that are competitively priced, and with this, customers will always be satisfied with them and will always re-hire them. This entails more money for you. Their URL is also very productive. You shouldn’t expect less anyway. This is what makes them the best web hosting for WordPress. This is an honest firm to work with, and their signing up is very easy.

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