How to Promote Weight Loss Offers and Make Money!!!

People are so concerned about their weight and how they look. Everybody wants to have a figure-of-eight and look like a model. That is why weight loss products are selling like hell. But shouldn’t that be an opportunity for you to promote weight loss offers and make money as an affiliate?

Weight loss offers on bountycpa really pay well. If you key into this and promote these products, you can earn regular residual income. But making money with CPA offers requires some tricks and a high level of smartness. In this post, we shall talk about how to gain access and promote those weight loss offers.

how to promote weight loss offers

How to get an offer on bountycpa

Let’s assume you are already a member of bountycpa network. All you need to do is to apply to be accepted and allowed to promote any of the available offers. You can sign up here if you are not yet registered. Just follow these steps and things would be easier for you.

Step 1: Browse offers
Login to your account and proceed to “Offers”. Click on “Browse/Search” and you will be shown the offers that are available for promotion. Make sure you understand the offers and the condition for promoting them. Check if they are limited to a geo-location or they are accepted in different countries. Pick the offer of your choice.

We are choosing the Garcinia Cambogia-Weight Loss Offer. We are choosing this particular offer because, of the five available offers, it has the highest CPA of $30 while the rest are between $20 and $22. In addition, it is the only offer that has an international acceptance; the rest are only accepted in the USA. So, if you are living outside of the USA, you are not going to have any problem promoting it.

alt="bountycpa weight loss offer"
Fortunately, out of about 6 offers available for weight loss, one is accepted internationally. That means you can promote it to several countries. Even if you are not in the USA, you can promote it and a lot of money. So, we are going to choose… because it has no country restriction like the rest offers which are only allowed in the USA.

Step 2: Preview Landing Page
You don’t want to promote an offer you know nothing about, do you? It is important to pay a visit to the landing page to have an idea of what the offer is all about. This would help you when writing a post about the offer on your blog.

Step 3: Get your tracking code
alt="weight loss offer tracking code"
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Don’t ever forget this part because it is essential to the promotion of your offer on your blog. You need this tracking code because it is what you will use to refer visitors from your blog to the advertiser’s website. It makes it easy for your sales to be tracked to you and then you get the credit and receive a commission for the sale. Without using the tracking code, no matter how many visitors you refer, you are just doing it for free and nobody would ever know you were the one who referred the visitors.

Click on “Your tracking link” and make sure you copy and save the code on a notepad. If you need to shorten the code so that it is easier to post and visitors would not easily decode where they are being referred to, click on “Generate TinyURL”. Also, copy and save the shortened link on a notepad. You will need it later.

How to Promote Your Weight Loss Offer

Everything is ready from the bountycpa’s end. Now before you start promoting your offer, you have to be sure your website is ready as you may not be allowed to share your link directly on social media. You will have to refer people to your landing page where they will read about the offer and then click on your tracking link to get to the advertiser’s website.

Promote your offers with Twitter ads

Using twitter ads is a great way to reach out to a vast audience with your offers. Remember that twitter does not allow you to share those affiliate links directly with its users. You have direct potential leads to the landing page on your website. So, what are the steps you need to follow?

Step 1: Get started
alt="twitter ads"
Click the “profile and settings” gear on the top right panel to locate the ads feature. Click on “Twitter ads”. This will redirect to a page where you will be officially welcomed to the twitter ads.

Step 2: Choose your time zone
twitter ads timezone
Choosing your country and time zone is important in order to enable twitter determine how to bill your account. Once your time zone is set, it cannot be changed. So, you need to be careful when choosing the country and the time zone to avoid complications. Once you’ve done that, click on “Let’s go” to move to the next step.

Step 3: Pick an objective
alt="twitter ads objective"
What is the purpose of the ads? Is it to create awareness about your page or to get leads to your CPA offer? Well, here, we are looking at getting leads to our offer page. In that case, we are going to choose “Tweet Engagements”. You will need this to promote the tweet you created regarding the weight loss offer on your blog.

Step 4: Create campaign
twitter ads campaign
Once you click on “Tweet Engagements”, you are redirected to the “Create Campaign” page. One of the advantages of using this option is that you only pay for the initial engagement; you don’t pay for the organic engagements that follow. It is also used for promoting a product launch or the opening of a new location. In this case, we are using it to create awareness about the CPA offer you are promoting.

Step 5: Set up your campaign
twitter ads setup
Give your campaign a name for identifying it. You will also need to determine when you want your campaign to run. There are two options:
• Start immediately, run continuously
• Set start and end dates
That should be decided by you. If your offer is for a limited period, you might want to set the start and end dates. But if it a long lasting advertisement, you can choose the ‘start immediately, run continuously’ option. But to enable us see how it works, we can set a start and end date. We can run the ads for just two weeks to watch the conversion rate.

Step 6: Select your audience
alt="twitter ads audience"
Who do you want to advertise to? You can choose your audience by location, interests, followers or keywords (for promoting tweets only; it doesn’t work for account promotion). If you target by interest and followers, Twitter will allow you to make a list of Twitter usernames and they will target users who have similar interests to the followers of the users you have chosen. For instance, since we are promoting weight loss offers, we will focus on the people following users who are interested in weight loss. That means we can show the tweets to the followers of Weight Loss Help, Life Cheatings, Real Weight Loss, etc.

twitter ads keywords
You can also broaden the targeting options by adding a list of interest categories by Twitter to show the tweet to people who have interest in …. As for gender, you can select ‘Any gender’, ‘Male’ or ‘Female’.

Select the languages you want to use. Select devices (iOS devices, Android devices, Blackberry phones and tablets, Desktop and Laptop computers, other mobiles). You could also target new devices by ticking the appropriate options.

Step 7: Set your budget
twitter ads budget
You know exactly what the size of your budget is like. There are two options to choose from – Set a daily maximum, and Set a total budget. A daily maximum is the highest amount you are willing to spend on this ad per day, while the total budget is the amount you’ve set aside for the entire campaign. So, our daily maximum here is $5 and the total budget is $100. Twitter will spend only what you have permitted them to spend.

Choose your price. This has to be “Automatic bid” which allows Twitter to optimize your ad and run it at the lowest possible price. Or the “Maximum bid” which allows you to set a price against what others are bidding so that your ads can be displayed more often.

Step 8: Create your tweets

It’s time to create your tweets. You need to be brief and straight to the point. Choose your words wisely to reflect what your tweet is all about. Take look at the example of tweet we created below for a sample.

When you have composed your tweets, add the link to your website. You can as well add a banner or picture to make it visually appealing and attract more clicks. Preview it to be sure that all is well. If you are satisfied, click on “Publish Tweet” to launch your tweet.


Twitter is one of the best tools to promote your weight loss offers. If you have not been using it, it’s now time to experiment with it and see how fast it brings you targeted leads and improve your chances of making real money with you bountycpa weight loss offers.

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