At Affiliatewing, we recognize the importance of having a website that is rich in quality content and also updated regularly. Humans love to visit such sites to update their knowledge while search engine crawlers equally love to see fresh content, which is a way of determining how relevant your site is.

Unfortunately, due to too many commitments, a lot of persons are unable to update their sites with fresh contents. Sometimes, when they are willing to add fresh contents to their sites, they are too busy to even edit the content before publishing. The result is that they lose readers, and search engines end up penalizing their sites for poor quality.

This is one of the reasons why exists. We have a backend team of quality writers that can help you update your blogs with unique, well researched, SE-Optimized, 100% Copyscape-passed articles that your followers would certainly love to read and share with their friends.

What exactly will Affiliatewing team do for you?

Do you run a similar site or blog like ours that requires writing informative reviews regarding affiliate programs you are promoting? If you don’t have the time to write those comprehensive reviews, why don’t you contact us to help you do them? We will give you quality for your money. Our prices are competitive and we deliver to time and according to the size of your budget.

Apart from helping to update your blog with quality content, we equally help build your blog from scratch or give your existing blog a facelift. Here is a summary of what our team can do for you:

Article Writing: We will write unique, well researched, search engines and human-friendly, 100% Copyscape-compliant articles. We only charge $5 per 500 words article and $8 for 800-1,000 words articles.
Website/Blog Design: We will design your website or blog, using quality premium templates that are both responsive and highly optimized for the search engines. Our blog design costs only $200 per blog (This is negotiable). But here is the good news. If you subscribe to a hosting package using any of my affiliate links to make a purchase, we will build your blog for free, so long as you do not cancel your subscription within 60 days. All you need to do is send me a mail after making a purchase using my link or coupon code and I will build your blog for free.
Logo Design: If you need quality logos for your blogs or websites, we can also help you design them. We only charge $50 for a quality logo. Note that the price can be altered based on the concept of the logo. We may charge a little higher or lower, but we need to discuss.
Facebook Fanpage Cover: One other thing we can do for you is to help design your Facebook Fanpage cover to give your Fanpage the touch of professionalism and increase engagement.
Twitter Page: Your Twitter Page is equally not left out. We can help you give it a special touch so that you can do away with that default page that is amateurish.
Google+ Page: We make your Google+ page look really personal and special by giving it a new concept through our design work.

Place your order now, contact us using our contact form and we will be glad to work for you. Or buy a hosting package with any of the hosting companies using my affiliate link or coupon code and we will design a new blog for you for free.