A Small Orange Hosting: The Ideal Startup Business Hosting

A small orange hosting provides one of the best services for your startup business hosting. Business startup requires putting everything in the right place from the outset so that you don’t get frustrated as soon as you commence business. This also includes the hosting which must be good enough to avoid any kind of heartache.

A small orange handles three major hosting packages that are all packed with features that would give your business the cutting edge, making sure you get quality without having to break the bank. If you are looking for a company to take care of your startup business hosting, it is time to look in the direction of A Small Orange hosting. With their cheapest hosting plan at $2.95, this is surely a reasonable price compared to what obtains in so many other web hosting companies out there.

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A Small Orange takes care of three major hosting services, which include: Startup Business, Small Shared Plan, and Level II Cloud VPS. Each of these plans comes with its unique features which make them the best for any category you choose to settle with.

Startup Business Hosting

At this level where you are trying to birth your business, you need every available help or support to give your young business a solid foundation so that it would be able to stand firm on its own footing. This is where A Small Orange comes in. They help you cultivate your business with reliable and affordable professional hosting. They deliberately build their business hosting plans for eCommerce and make them flexible enough for high-traffic sites of all kinds. Since you are expecting your site to generate a lot of traffic, you have to pitch your tent here. Here is where a lot of startup business owners get it wrong by subscribing to hosting companies that are hostile to heavy traffic, which eventually pull down their sites on excuses that they are disrupting their servers.

Important features of the business plans include Free SSL Certificate, Regularly-Scanned, PCI Compliant Servers, Lower Customer Densities, and PostgreSQL Database Support. These ensure your site is secured for business, free from viruses, malware, rootkit, etc, and there are lower incidences of spamming and banning of IPs.

In addition to the afore-mentioned features, Startup business hosting plan comes with 40GB of storage (big enough to host your files and software), 600GB of Bandwidth, and 24/7 Email & Live chat Support (They are there for you in case you run into any difficulty). The cost is only $20 per month.

Small Shared Plan

Small Shared Plan is for people who do not need much storage space. This is particularly recommended for a small business startup working on a lean budget. It comes with 5GB of storage and 50GB of Bandwidth, which makes the speed a breeze. It supports unlimited domains, in case you have more than one website to host. The cost of the plan is $5 per month while the price for the Tiny Plan is $2.95 per month, and it comes with 500MB of storage and 5GB of Bandwidth, which is quite cheap.

level II Cloud VPS

The Cloud VPS hosting comes with 2 CPU Cores, 50GB SSD and 2GB RAM, including 24/7 Email & Live Chat Support. Subscription cost is $30 per month.

Small Business Hosting

The small business hosting, in addition to the features earlier mentioned, has 50GB of storage and 800GB of Bandwidth. These both provide for speed and huge storage. They also have a 24/7 Email & Live Chat Support. The cost of the Small Business plan is $40 per month.


The Enterprise plan also has, in addition to the initial features mentioned, 60GB of storage and 1,000GB of Bandwidth. No matter how large your files and database, this package will certainly accommodate you. The 24/7 Email & Chat support make life easy for you and your business. Speed, as well as storage space, should not be your headache. The price is $60 per month.

There are other additions you can still get for hosting your site with A Small orange. They include Dedicated servers, Reseller hosting, website builder, wed design services, etc. To open your personal account, click here to subscribe to a package.


• Inexpensive.
• Simple control panel
• Good startup business hosting
• Several hosting plans to choose from
• Managed hosting option
• Daily backups for data safety
• Positive User experience/rating


• No Dedicated WordPress hosting
• No windows-based servers
• No phone support
• Periodic uptime issues

My verdict: A Small Orange has a lot of features that can help take your business startup to the next level. The price is good, the speed is excellent and security is guaranteed. Give them a trial today. To open your personal hosting account, click here to subscribe to a package.

A Small Hosting Affiliate programme

A Small Orange Hosting rewards its affiliates with $50 per every customer referred to them. That is not too bad if you can work real hard. Making money with affiliate programmes makes you rich as you gather in income from different sources and channels.

You do not need to be A Small Orange customer to be able to enroll in their affiliate program. Once you sign up, you are given an affiliate manager that will be assisting you in your affiliate marketing and whenever you run into any problem. Your affiliate commissions are paid into your PayPal or Bank account. Do you want to join their affiliate programme, click here to open your free account right away.

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