SocialMe Theme: Making Your Blog Posts Go Viral

Themes and plugins have a way of making your blog posts go viral. SocialMe theme from MyThemeShop is the latest social theme that is intended to making your blog posts go viral and to be easily indexed by the search engines and also to be loved by humans. This template has all the features a good social theme should have.

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I decided to quickly do a review of the theme because of the enormous advantages it promises to inject into your website/blog. I believe this template will really help give your site a boost. Gone are the days when people thought that the look of a website didn’t matter. But these days the look of websites, their speed, layout, social sharing buttons, and other features are really important as Google, to some extent, pays attention to ease of navigating on a website as well as the loading speed. With SocialMe theme, you don’t have to bother yourself anymore.

How does SocialMe theme assist in making your blog posts go viral?

SocialMe is one of the premium themes on the MyThemeShop stores. You may check out the review I made on 20 MyThemeShop premium themes for other quality templates. You will certainly find whatever type of premium template you need for your blog

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SocialMe theme is designed with so many lovely features that are intended in making your blog posts go viral, such as 4 predefined Designs, Clean and Beautiful design, 16 powerful custom made widgets, social media buttons, 100% fluid responsive design, specially designed to be used by social media oriented websites, multiple pagination options, WooCommerce support, Standalone Author box, unlimited colour options, unlimited sidebars and footer widgets; 4 Homepage layout options, speed optimized design, etc.

Details of SocialMe Features

Clean and beautiful Design
SocialMe WordPress theme comes with eye catching and minimalist design that will make your visitors fall in love with it. This aesthetic designs accounts partly for making your blog posts go viral.

4 Homepage Designs
You solely decide the type of homepage you want for your site as there are two different homepages to choose from. Whichever homepage design you choose, be sure your visitors will love it. They are designed by the best graphics designing team in the MyThemeShop backend.

16 Powerful Widgets
There is no other way to go social than having 16 powerful widgets added to the theme to improve its functionality and reduce your work of manually adding some vital widgets to the theme.

Author Box
There is no need to look for plugins to manage authors and contributors on your site. Too much plugins actually slow down the speed of your site. SocialMe theme comes with Author Box that enables each author or contributor on your site to have a separate profile and be followed on social media.

Social Media Buttons
This is part of what makes it a social theme and also contributes to making your blog posts go viral. The SocialMe theme is integrated with social media buttons to enable people follow you on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc.

Off Canvas Mobile Menu
The off canvas mobile menu is part of what makes this theme’s excellent responsive layout. It hides when not needed, but pops up when your visitor is about to leave your site.

Optimized for Speed
SocialMe theme loads with the speed of lightning. It is endowed with all the features necessary for speed optimization, thereby making it fully ready for engagement and well optimized for the search engines.

Lazy Loading Images
Loading of heavy pictures slows down website speed. But with SocialMe theme’s lazy loading images functionality, your site visitors have access to your content before the heavy images are eventually loaded. This, in a way, helps improve site speed and reduce the bounce rate of the site, making your blog posts go viral as visitors have enough time to read and share your posts.

Performance Option
This option is added to the theme to enable you choose the speed of your site. With this functionality, you can easily tweak performance option to further boost the speed of the site, thereby making it more speed-optimized.

Unlimited Colour
Every individual has his own taste when it comes to design. Socialme theme comes with unlimited colour options, allowing webmasters/blog owners to customize their site with the type of colour that suits their brand, no matter how complex the colour may be.

WooCommerce support
Are you interested in selling products on your site? There is no need looking for a professional web designer who would build your store for you. SocialMe supports WooCommerce integration, thereby enabling you sell whatever you wish to sell on your website.

Ad Management
One of the greatest challenges webmasters face is how to display ads on their websites and blogs. With SocialMe WordPress theme, that shouldn’t be headache anymore. SocialMe allows you to manage ads on your site, with the choice of where, how and when to display the ads.

Unique Author Intro Widget
Your site could have multiple authors and then visitors find it difficult to identify with each of them. This theme enables you display members of your team using the unique author intro widget.

bbPress Basic Support
You could just change your mind and decide to turn your site into a forum for more social interactions/engagement. The bbPress basic support will enable you do just that without hassles.

BuddyPress Basic Support
Do you want to turn your website into a fully functional social network site? It is possible to do so with SocialMe theme. The social media functionality of this alluring theme is simply unimaginable and limitless.

Search Engine Optimized
Search engine optimization is done for you out of the box. With the right SEO done for you, it is quite easy for search engines to discover your site and its contents. This eventually helps to increase the number of visitors to your site.

Google Adsense Optimized
Google Adsense is fully integrated seamlessly into your theme, making it possible for you to display Adsense without distracting your visitors or making your site clumsy. This also helps to increase your CTR and, in turn, make you more money.

Ajax Loading
Ajax loading ensures that the crucial elements of your site are loaded first before any other thing. What does this mean? It simply means that the speed of your site will increase further as different elements are loaded progressively.

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Translation Ready
The fear of losing customers is taken care of with the SocialMe Multilingual functionality which helps you to display your content to different people in different parts of the world using languages that are relevant to their geographical areas.

63+ Google Web Fonts
With over 630 Google web fonts, you have the option of choosing the best fonts to give your site a beautiful and personalized appearance. Choosing the right fonts will help to make your site stand out from the crowd.

Schema Integrated
With schema integration, your site easily stands out in the search engines. The rich snippets are added to help visitors see scores, times and prices even before they click on the site.

One-Click installation
Installing the SocialMe theme on your site is quite easy and fast, thanks to the one-click installation functionality which helps to save your precious time

Amazing Options panel
The SocialMe theme comes with Option panel that is equipped with all the tools and features needed to put you in the driving seat of your site. You are simply in charge of the site as everything you need to control the site is delivered into your palms.

High-Definition Video Tutorials
You are provided with high definition video tutorials that will teach you how to set up your theme and also show you how to trouble-shoot.

WP Review Pro Compatible
SocialMe also supports WP Review Pro. This makes it quite easy for you to do professionally looking product reviews that are easy to rank in Google search result pages. The theme has many other features that time will not permit me to talk about. You may check out the theme Demo for more information.

SocialMe Theme Pricing

SocialMe is currently priced at a paltry $59. With all the features and functionality that come with this theme, I think it is damn too cheap at $59. Purchase a copy today and use it on multiple sites that you own or you develop for your clients.

SocialMe Affiliate Program

The SocialMe theme is a part of the themes you can sell for a profit when you join MyThemeShop affiliate program. You have an opportunity to make money recommending the WordPress theme to your visitors. For every sale that comes through your link, you earn 70% affiliate commission

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