Thesslstore Web Hosting Service, Key to Earning Good commissions

The number of affiliate programmes is increasing and it is also difficult to imagine anything without the internet. The fact cannot be denied that the internet has transformed the lives of people all around the globe. The internet today is an established medium to earn a living. There are many home online businesses and it is a practice now that people from all walks of life are trying their hand in online businesses. On the other hand, the online business relies on affiliate programs such as Thesslstore web hosting service and its Affiliate Programme. Everyone wishes to join affiliate programs to earn huge profits.

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Why Thesslstore web hosting service?

Thesslstore web hosting service is the worldwide known largest SSL providers. It is also the first Symantec’s specialized partner having a team of SSL experts. They focus on converting, selling and supporting the SSL customers, affiliates and resellers. The management team has industry staples and pioneers who monetize your customer base easily. Thesslstore Affiliate Programme offers all the required support and thus you can develop your bottom line taking advantage of the best paying affiliate programme, the SSL service. To subscribe to a hosting plan, click here.

How the affiliate works

Affiliate is you, the applicant. A thesslstore affiliate means the SSL store created products. Thesslstore is responsible for the orders placed by referral customers. Customers purchasing services and products through Thesslstore Affiliate programme are regarded as the SSL store customers. Thus, all the policies, rules and operating procedures relating to customers services and orders apply to these customers as well. The SSL store sends payment through Pay Pal or checks once the account has a minimum balance of $50 and you submit a request for eligible commissions.

Just for joining the affiliate programme you get $20. There are different percentages of compensation for different types of customers referred. You get 10% commission for Retail customers, 5% commission for Enterprise customers and 5% commission for Resellers. You earn commissions from the customers for up to 1 year each time they make a purchase.

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Advantages of Thesslstore affiliate programme

• Safety from web security threats that is making global headlines. To stay safe,
thesslstore offers the SSL certificates and this is a trustworthy way to protect and encrypt data passing through it. Regardless of whether you are using IT/web-related services or not or you have traffic to your blog/website, now with Thesslstore Affiliate Programme, you are completely safe. You have a great partner to assist you in monetizing your traffic.

• Leveraging on the best paying affiliate programme is a great idea as it enables you earn
some money. There is a need for thesslstore affiliate to get more people to join the programme; if you can refer your friends, colleagues or relatives, you can enjoy more earnings.

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• Thesslstore Affiliate Programme affiliates are independent contractors. There is nothing
binding as in any joint venture, partnership, franchise or agency. There is nothing as relationship and so an affiliate cannot accept orders on behalf of Thesslstore. As everything is taken care of, an affiliate can enjoy individual space and work as a free contractor.


Any thesslstore affiliate must bear in mind to not engage in promoting prohibited services or products, if they wish to continue without losing on the affiliate commissions. Thus keeping away from spam is best so that you are not held liable for losses or damages. Also, do yourself a favor by keeping your eyes wide open and enjoy one of the best paying affiliate programmes online. To open your affiliate account, click here and start enjoying all benefits immediately.

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