Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies

The top 10 best web hosting companies are difficult to determine. But after a thorough research, I have come up with a list that is made from a fair judgment. There are numerous hosting sites out there, and many people find it very difficult when they want to choose a hosting site for their blogs and websites. The write-up here is meant to give you some good clues about these ten hosting sites which have been adjudged the best ten at the moment, so that you have a basis upon which you can hang on and choose the one to use, depending on the type of hosting you need, your budget and what you are doing with the hosting.

The goodness of the websites is all measured according to what they offer, and it was discovered that each of them is at least, the best in one particular area. This makes the ranking the best you can ever get as it gives you the best site for whichever type of services you are seeking.

As you may have been aware, I get paid for some products and services that I write about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants that I review their products. If you click on the links and purchase any of the products, I get rewarded with some commissions for my efforts.

However, that does not in any way influence my personal opinion of the products. I always try to give my sincere opinion of the products I review after extensive research on them.

I review each product believing it would be really useful to you. The merchants/advertisers do not directly pay me anything for reviewing the products; I only receive some commissions if you buy through my link – a little reward for my efforts.

Why are they the top 10 best web hosting companies?

1. GreenGeeks

The first website hosting company here is the GreenGeeks. This is seen as the best website hosting company that satisfies all purposes. It has high performance when it comes to speed and availability of services. It is also very eco-friendly, as we are in an era where we must preserve our environment. GreenGeeks was founded in Los Angeles and has been in the business of website hosting for over 40 years. They have succeeded in racking up to 300,000 websites across 150 countries.

Their web hosting interface is very easy to handle. It is customer-friendly and does not have difficult technicalities. Beginners in the business who have not used websites before are always comfortable with their platform. With the simple control panel, you man your account and set up your website, blog, email account, shopping cart and others. The hosting plans on this site start at $3.96 per month.

2. ASEOHosting

The next on the list of the top 10 best web hosting companies is ASEOHosting, and it is the hosting company for personal use and for blogs. Two main things that this come with include the numerous and rich features, coupled with its low-cost nature. The reason why many reviewers tag this the best for them is because its interface and panel are very easy to use, and it offers great customer service that will leave all customers satisfied. The features and tools will give you the leverage to maintain, modify and adjust your hosting account and services the way you like. If you don’t have a huge budget, this will do for you.

Some of the features of ASEOHosting include:
 Domain registration
 SEO resources
 Unlimited email accounts
 File manager
 Reliable word press installation
 PhpMyAdmin
 EU/US SEO servers
 Unlimited MySQL Database

ASEOHOSTING is an affordable hosting plan. The pricing of the service is focused on the number of IP addresses a client needs instead of the overall features. It is believed that most people interested in this service want to create many small websites instead of just one large website.

The service price begins starts from as little as $23.75 monthly (this price is for 5 IP addresses). It also involves 20 GB space and a 200 GB bandwidth. 550 IP addresses will cost you $2,062.50 monthly. This kind of program is particularly good for webmasters who develop several sites for various clients and would need to host such sites as well.

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3. Web Hosting Hub

This is the best website hosting company for you when you are developing your own site. They are mainly good for small business websites. They have a shared hosting plan that many people marvel at. This comes with all necessary features for small businesses, and it is very affordable and reliable. Among all the web hosting companies, Web Hosting Hub is the best when you want to make your own site, whether for small businesses or individual use. With the web hosting comparison I have made, it is difficult to beat this site and the services it offers.

Some of the features of the Web Hosting hub that make them outstanding include:
• 20 times faster SSD Hosting

• Website backups
• Free shared SSL

• Free New Domain or Transfer

• Unlimited space and Bandwidth
• E-Commerce Tools
• Secured IMAP Email
• Free Web Builder

With a starting price of $4.99 per month, their hosting plans are quite affordable and can easily be accessible to beginners.

4. InMotion Hosting

This is another web hosting company that is doing great. Here, you will get perfect services for your business websites. However, it offers this not only to small businesses but also to very professional heavy websites. Things like payment options, shopping carts etc are taken care of. It also has a customer service which is second to none, because business users will always contact for issues and problems. It has never failed in this. Though it costs more than its competitors, it is very reliable and does well under heavy traffics and loads.

5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the top 10 best web hosting companies that are known for speed. It provides services both for businesses and individual sites. It is perhaps one of the most unpopular web hosting companies, but it offers services that surpass many of the popular ones. The internet page load speed and performance it gives is second to none. In fact, it is the fastest in loading. The shared, dedicated and VPS plans are all hosted on their SwiftServer platform and solid state drives. If you need speed, this is where to be. It can substitute for any of the above mentioned. With a starting price of $3.91 per month, A2 Hosting is certainly one of the cheapest web hosting companies around.

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6. BlueHost

BlueHost comes with a cPanel that enables you to effortlessly create databases, transfer files, manage your files, install programs, and manage emails. Their speed is fantastic; it takes BlueHost only 0.54 seconds to render the first byte, and their page load time takes only 2.4 seconds. They also have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and they offer help with your account setup.

BlueHost backs up your database automatically every week. They provide unlimited Add-ons to enable you host as many sites as possible on a hosting plan. In addition, you get a free domain name on 1-year and 2-year hosting plans. With a starting price of $3.49, BlueHoest is certainly one of the top 10 best web hosting companies you can depend on anytime.

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7. WPoven

WPoven has a wide range of programs and schemes, including dedicated cloud hosting, which are more economical than any other host. Their team of excellent WordPress experts dedicates its time to the development of your site.

Every individual account on WPoven has its own VPS which is exclusive to it. WPoven gives you quality plugins and premium themes with nice looks to help give your site a special touch and making them search engines optimized. WPoven helps you set up your blog/website as fast as possible.

The features of WPoven make it the preferred host over other WordPress hosting sites. WPoven is quite economical and affordable with a range of features like varnish caching, firewall, malware protection, daily backups, Dos service, etc. WPoven provides its sites with large storage starting from 10GB and lasting up to 320GB SSD, and also allows for multiple domains hosting under any given plan.

8. Lunarpages

Lunarpages is one of the best web hosting companies especially when it comes to Dedicated web hosting. Lunarpages dedicated hosting plan provides your business with the web solution they require to expand their operations. They give their customers the option of choosing from five different plans. Available options include Linux or Windows packages or the all-new Hexacore for higher resources and greater control of your dedicated server. Their basic hosting plans start from $4.95 monthly, making them one of the best and cheapest web hosting companies. They are listed among the top 10 best web hosting companies because of the richness of their services.

Some features to find on Lunarpages basic hosting include unlimited email accounts, online control panel, unlimited FTP accounts, free domain name upon purchasing a new 12-month+ hosting plan, unlimited Add-on domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited parked domains, Unlimited MySQL databases, Python support, PHP support, Perl support, Ruby on Rails support, SEO/PPC services, McAfee secure trust logo, Site builder, Softaculous, CGI-BIN, Facebook Ads services, 24/7/365 support, etc.

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9. VendHost

Vendhost is one of the best web hosting providers around. Their services are of high quality, yet they are quite cheap. They combine some of their services into a package and offer the same price that others charge for just one of such services for the total package. For instance, while some registrars charge extra $9 to $14 for only private registration, Vendhost charges $12.58 per year for domain registration including ID shield private registration, helping you save the extra $9 to $14. They charge only $5.49/month for their cloud hosting with 50GB bandwidth and 1.5GB disk space.


10. is listed among the top 10 best web hosting companies because it provides one of the best quality hosting services to handle server support and administration right from the commencement. Their services include design, deployment, and installations that are trouble-free. In addition, they offer configurations and optimization of infrastructure. This allows the customers ample time to commit to their business and develop it rather than spending time on server infrastructure.

24x7servermanagement is India’s best web hosting company, with specialization in server management. They provide technical support for Linux, windows, Debian, Ubuntu and FreeBSD servers on control panels such as Plesk, cPanel and SolusVM based virtualized servers. has a world class support center, and their application management console can manage all your servers from a single dashboard. They can also handle application servers for e-commerce applications, banking/finance, education, SAP, CRM, and other forms of applications. Their services are also affordable.

These are the 10 best web hosting companies, and you have to choose according to what you need. However, you can also get better reviews about these websites hosting companies from webmasters and internet users or customers. This will further buttress the review we have done here. Choosing any of them for your web hosting plans wouldn’t be a bad decision as they are all trusted and reliable.

Is there any better web hosting company you feel I have left out? I am not perfect. You are free to let us of know of such hosting companies and why you feel they should have been on this list. Use our comment box below to drop your comment. And remember to join my mailing list so that you can always get my updates and information about promos, giveaways, new products that may be highly useful to you, etc.

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