Top 14 Affiliate Programs with Lifetime Commissions

Have you been considering adding affiliate programs to your online business but clueless about how to go about it? Perhaps you are at a loss as to which affiliate program will be worthwhile. This article will shed light on some of the best affiliate programs that will guarantee you residual income for life. Below are the top 14 affiliate programs with lifetime commissions

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1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a company that specializes in digital marketing. It has effective tools that can be deployed for keyword research, competitors’ analysis, advertising research, and Longtail keyword research. As a result, it is a popular company among online marketers. SEMrush is a friend to any blogger or website owner who is keen on taking his site to Google Page 1.
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SEMrush Affiliate program

SEMrush affiliate program is known as Berush. This affiliate program is a revenue sharing program. As an affiliate, you are entitled to a commission when a visitor to your site clicks a reference link to and makes a purchase.

The Berush team provides promo materials in five different languages to help you succeed in this program. As an affiliate, you can receive 40% commission on your referrals. SEMrush is, therefore, one of the top 14 affiliate programs with lifetime commissions. You earn commission for life so long as the customer you refer to them remains with them.
To join the Berush affiliate program, click here.

As you may have been aware, I get paid for some products and services that I write about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in that I review their products. If you click on the links and purchase any of the products, I get rewarded with some commissions for my efforts.

However, that does not in any way influence my personal opinion of the products. I always try to give my sincere opinion of the products I review after extensive research on them.

I review each product believing it would be really useful to you. The merchants/advertisers do not directly pay me anything for reviewing the products; I only receive some commissions if you buy through my link – a little reward for my efforts.

2. 1ShoppingCart

This company is an online store that is poised to help websites to be optimized for easy location instead of being exposed to the stress of going through Google and the others. Since people are always in search for recognition on the net, the company is ideal as an affiliate partner. 1ShoppingCart is a tool you can use to quickly set up your eCommerce store.
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1ShoppingCart Affiliate program

As an affiliate of this company, you are entitled to 10% commission on each of your referrals that purchase any of their products or services. You are entitled to this commission for life. Considering the sheer volume of websites and blogs that want global ranking, you can make more commission than you imagine.
To create your 1ShoppingCart free affiliate account, click here

3. UltraCart

Ultracart is an online company that offers a robust and very flexible platform for e-commerce businesses. Setting up your e-commerce site with Ultracart is absolutely easy and the maintenance is wonderful too. This is the simple reason why a lot of online store owners use this platform.
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Ultracart Affiliate program

This company offers an affiliate program that is easy to use. To enjoy your commission for life, sign up for the website. You can then create any number of affiliate links that you can use. Whenever a customer signs up via your links, you will be entitled to recurring commissions.

This is the commission rates for this company:
• If you introduce a customer, you will receive a commission of 20% for 12 months.
• If your second tier introduces a customer, your commission will be 5% for 24 months.
• Any reference from your third tier entitles you to 2% commission for 36 months.
• If your fourth tier introduces a customer, your commission is 1% for 48 months.

The commission you enjoy is a tier-4 commission. Even you are not too good at bringing new customers, other bloggers who are good marketers could sign up under you and keep earning commissions for you. This is why Ultracart deserves to be among the top 14 affiliate programs with lifetime commissions.
To join the Ultracart affiliate program, click here

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4. 3DCart

This is another web building site that gives web designers and online entrepreneurs the ample opportunity to build and host their eCommerce sites with shopping cart and other important features. You may never know how valuable 3DCart is until you actually use them.
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3DCart Affiliate program

3DCart has some banners and links that you can place on your website. Whenever any of your visitors click on either the links or banners to sign up for their services, you receive 25% monthly commission on that customer’s subscription for life. The higher your website traffic, the higher your chances of making tons of residual income from this affiliate program.
To join the 3DCart affiliate program, click here

Shopping cart software

5. AShopCommerce

With AShopCommerce, you have access to software to build a shopping cart for your e-commerce site. Of course, the company goes beyond helping you to build a shopping cart, it helps customers to maintain their online stores too.
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AShopCommerce Affiliate Program

AShopCommerce offers 25% commission on every sale you make for your lifetime. Since each customer spends an average of $64 monthly, you stand the chance of earning a commission of $16 on each customer every month throughout your lifetime.
To open your free AShopCommerce affiliate account, click here

6. X-Cart

X-Cart provides software for shopping cart at no cost. It also provides an ecommerce solution via PHP for online stores. Since thousands of online stores spring up on the internet daily, this is a sure avenue for making extra income.
To get a better insight into X-Cart shopping cart, visit the site.

X-Cart Affiliate program

Their affiliate program offers you a whopping 15%. What you need to do is sign up with them and get your affiliate ID. Then place their ads on your site or blog. Share your affiliate link with others. You then earn a commission of 50% on any customer that applies for their services monthly. Your income depends on the service plan that the customer subscribes to.
To join the X-cart affiliate program for free, click here

7. Volusion

This is another e-commerce platform on this list. The company offers features that will make your online store the envy of others. From good templates to out-of-the-world services, Volusion simply ranks among the best eCommerce providers in the world. Little wonder we have included it on our list of top 14 affiliate programs with lifetime commissions
You can get more detail about Volusion this Volusion review

Volusion Affiliate program

Volusion affiliate program will pay you 20% recurring commission on each of your referrals. This commission accrues every month as long as the account exists. Keep referring customers to Volusion and increase your chances of getting more commission.
To open your free Volusion affiliate account, click here

8. 24x7ServerManagement

This server management company has the primary objective of helping online companies to keep their servers running smoothly without any hitch. This helps the companies to concentrate on their businesses without entertaining undue worries about their servers.
Check out this 24x7servermanagement review for more details.

24x7servermanagement Affiliate program

24x7servermanagement affiliate program enables you to earn a whopping 12% monthly recurring affiliate commission on every customer you refer to them for as long as the customer remains with them.
To open your free affiliate account, click here

9. ASeoHosting

AseoHosting is one of the leading names in SEO hosting with a variety of hosting plans. The company provides services such as Shared SEO hosting, US SEO Servers, Dedicated SEO Hosting, and EU SEO Servers.

AseoHosting Affiliate program

For as long as your client uses their hosting services, you will receive 20% commission monthly. To start your affiliate earning, sign up for their affiliate account and receive your monthly commission for life with your multiple referrals.
To sign up for a free affiliate account, click here

10. Vendhost

Vendhost offers web hosting services for website and blog owners. The company guarantees you maximum performance and stability, helping you to maintain your online presence better and longer. The quality of service has earned vendhost a place on this list of top 14 affiliate programs with lifetime commissions.
For more details about this company, check out this VendHost review

Vendhost Affiliate program

For each customer you refer to this hosting company, you will earn a 20% commission. If you keep referring customers, you stand the chance of earning lifetime commission. Of course, you can do that. Don’t forget the number of hosted websites and blogs is increasing every day. Tap into this affiliate program and make your money without much stress.
To join the VendHost affiliate program, click here

11. Getresponse

This is an award-winning email marketing company. With over 350,000 customers, they are widely recognized for a variety of marketing services like subscribers list, newsletters, and other related services. GetResponse is the affiliate marketers’ choice of autoresponder.
Know more about GetResponse by reading this Getresponse Review

GetResponse Affiliate program

Getresponse pays affiliate commission of 33% for each affiliate promoting their email
marketing services. The more customers you refer to Getresponse, the more commission you receive for life. Lest I forget, Getresponse offers more than 50 different services, ranging from cPanel to virtual services. This increases your chances of earning more with each referral.
To register as a GetResponse affiliate, click here

12. Elegant Themes

At elegant themes, you have access to the best collection of WordPress themes for blogging and web designing services. This makes the company the favorite of millions of bloggers and website owners in the world. That is also why we have included Elegant themes on this list of the top 14 affiliate programs with lifetime commissions.

Elegant Themes Affiliate program

When you partner with elegant themes via their affiliate program, you are qualified for a whopping 50% commission on any sales via your links. This is an opportunity for you to make residual income for as long as possible. Imagine what you can earn as a commission if you make an average of 10 referrals monthly.
To join the Elegant themes affiliate program, click here

13. Themefuse

Themefuse gives bloggers and web designers wonderful Premium WordPress themes and templates they can use to make their blogs or websites stand out from the crowd. When you are in competition with millions of competitors, you need an edge to stand out. Themefuse offers you this edge.

Affiliate program

Themefuse pays a commission of between 30% and 70% as commission when your visitors patronize them through their links on your blogs or websites. Your commission will be calculated over one month. The higher the number of sales they make through your links in a month, the more commission you earn.
To join the Themefuse affiliate program, click here.

14. Bodhost

Bodhost has been offering web hosting services and solutions for thousands of online companies since 1999. Its services are affordable and among the best in the world. This has made bodHost one of the best hosting companies in the world.
For more information about their services, check out this bodHost review

bodHost Affiliate program

To join bodhost as an affiliate partner, sign up to their affiliate program. You will be given a banner to place on your site. Each time a customer clicks on this banner to order for a product, you will earn a commission between $15 and $350. This makes bodhost’s affiliate program one of the best and highest paying in the world.
To sign up for their affiliate program, click here.

These are some of the best affiliate programs in the world. With these programs, you can make the financial breakthrough that you so much desire. Join one of these companies today and make residual income for the rest of your life. Remember, the online business community is a large one. You will always see visitors and clients that need one service or the other. Leverage on this need and smile to the banks always. Don’t stand when others are running.
You can join any of these affiliate programs in less than 10 minutes.

If you think there are other great affiliate programs with lifetime commissions that deserve to be here, don’t hesitate to share them with us. We will appreciate it.

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