Top 15 Affiliate Programs To Make Money from in 2016

The top 15 affiliate programs to make money from in 2016 are those affiliate programs and networks that are trusted to deliver, no matter the current economic situation in the world. While a number of them on the list have been here with us for a long time, a few are relatively new or not too popular.

These top 15 affiliate programs will sure make you some regular passive incomes while you sleep. Some of them have really grown big to the extent that they are financially stable and they can still accommodate a lot more people into their programs. You don’t have any reason not to make money this year. Those who are making six-figure incomes online are human beings like you. If they can make it, you too can make it. By the time you finish reading this post, you should have at least an affiliate program to promote and earn cash.

As you may have been aware, I get paid for some products and services that I write about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants that I review their products. If you click on the links and purchase any of the products, I get rewarded with some commissions for my efforts.

However, that does not in any way influence my personal opinion of the products. I always try to give my sincere opinion of the products I review after extensive research on them.

I review each product believing it would be really useful to you. The merchants/advertisers do not directly pay me anything for reviewing the products; I only receive some commissions if you buy through my link – a little reward for my efforts.

What are the top 15 affiliate programs?

Here is a list of the top 15 affiliate programs to promote in 2016. They are not listed not in their order of superiority or relevance, but picked randomly:

1. Avangate

Avangate is one of the top affiliate networks for those who are interested in promoting especially digital goods and services. They are a respected name in the global affiliate business, and they have over 22,000 software products for you to choose from to promote. They have a lot of tools to assist you in your affiliate promotion, and they offer one of the most competitive affiliate commissions. To open a free Avangate account, click here and start making money right now.

2. Rakuten

For those of you who must have heard about Linkshare in the past and are wondering about their whereabouts, please note that Rakuten has taken over and they are now in charge of Linkshare. They are a very experienced affiliate network where you can get a lot of products to promote and be rewarded handsomely. Rakuten is a performance-based marketing. They provide their affiliate promotion materials and personnel training to enable them to make more money. They have been around since 1997 and were even voted ‘Best Affiliate Network’ five years in a role. They are undoubtedly one of the top 15 affiliate programs to work with in 2016.

alt="zipdebt affiliate program"

3. ZipDebt Negotiation Training

ZipDebt Negotiation Training did not find its way into this list by accident. It is one of the best programs in terms of affiliate commissions, offering as much as between $60 and $360 per referral. Isn’t that fantastic? Even though they may not be that popular, they are certainly influencing the lives of their affiliates positively. Click here to join the ZipDebt Negotiation training program.

4. My Top Tier Business

You may not have heard about My Top Tier Business, but they are real. Ask John Chow and he would tell you how he earned well over $40,000 in a single month on this program and also won a brand new Mercedes car. It only takes about $49 to join just as a way of showing commitment. But you can make as much as $5,000 per referral who subscribes. Apart from the money you earn for referring people, you also earn big if you refer more people for a particular period. If your goal is to make some thousands of dollars in 2016, then here is the easiest way to achieve your dream.

5. Shareit

Shareit is one of the top 15 affiliate programs that will thrive in 2016. They are no new-comers in the field of affiliate network. They have affected the lives of several hundreds of affiliates for years now, and they are still waxing stronger. They are majorly into the promotion of software and gaming products. Joining them and promoting products of your choice is a good way to earn big and break out of your current financial quagmire. Once accepted, you are exposed to thousands of products as well as promotional materials to promote the chosen products.

6. Commission Junction

Commission Junction otherwise known as ‘CJ’ is a household name in the affiliate network. It is one of the oldest and one of the most popular as well. A lot of digital products are available for promotion on the platform of CJ. Acceptance into the fold is quite easy once you have a proven way of promoting their products. It is equally an international network that accepts affiliates from virtually all parts of the world. They pay your commissions directly without the use of third-party services. Click here to join CJ and reposition yourself to earn more money into your bank account.

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7. GetResponse

GetResponse is added into this list of top 15 affiliate programs because of the position it occupies as the best and cheapest autoresponder. You know very well how much internet marketers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, online tutors, etc need a mailing list to keep getting in touch with their customers. GetResponse will remain in business so long as people keep doing online business. The beauty of this affiliate program is that they pay you 30% recurrent commission on each paying customer referred so long as the customer subscribes to a package. Remember that the more the customer’s mailing list grows the more money he spends and the more money you earn as well. In other words, the prospect for growth is quite high. Click here to join GetResponse and start earning recurrent commissions for life.

8. Clixgalore

Clixgalore is yet another affiliate network that is expected to do well in 2016. Their network is wide and there are a lot of trusted digital products to promote. They equally pay their affiliates handsomely for their efforts. Clixgalore is like a combination of affiliate program and CPA; so your chances of making more money are quite high. Making money can be made easy simply by joining the Clixgalore affiliate program. Signup now and start to promote quality products that will fetch you money.

clixGalore Merchant & Affiliate Referral Commission Program

9. Clickbank

Clickbank is the most popular marketplace for digital products. It is known by almost everyone online. You can get virtually anything here from e-books to weight loss products. Other products include home and garden, self-development, make money, magic, software, etc. Just visit their marketplace and find out what product you can promote and earn big on. Their commissions are quite high as some vendors are willing to pay as much as 75% commission on their products. The only problem with Clickbank is that they are discriminatory; they don’t accept people from certain parts of the world.

10. Maxbounty

Though Maxbounty is a Cost Per Action (CPA) marketplace, they are included in the top 15 affiliate programs to make money from in 2016. A lot of CPA networks are picky when it comes to accepting newcomers, but Maxbounty is such a friendly and helpful platform that easily accepts people once they get in touch with you on the phone and are satisfied that you are experienced. They even negotiate individual commission rate with you just to make sure you are satisfied promoting their products. Here also, there are several thousands of products to comfortably promote as an affiliate. Click here to join the Maxbounty CPA network and start earning big right away.

11. Amazon

Just like Clickbank, Amazon is quite popular and even getting more popular by the day. They have been around for a long time now and have people promoting physical products on their platform from all over the world. They are currently worth over $500 billion, making them one of the richest online stores. Some of the products to promote include books, electric pressure cookers, drones, cameras, MP3 players, electronics, etc. The only problem with Amazon is their low commission rate which is 3% for most products. However, when you promote some of those expensive products, 3% can amount to some good money. The fact that their products are trusted and in high demand makes it easier for you to make sales and earn more commissions.

alt="aliexpress affiliate"

12.Ali Express

Aliexpress is an online store where one can buy and sell any physical product. This china-based store has gained an international reputation over time, and they have become one of the richest online businesses. This platform helps to connect companies in China with buyers from different parts of the world. A lot of people come to buy their products at insanely cheap prices and make high profits selling them. Apart from buying from them and making some gains, joining their affiliate program also earns you a substantial commission for each buying customer referred to them. Currently, worth over $200b, commission rate on this site varies by products; but some pay up to 50%. Join Ali Express and add to your regular streams of income in 2016.

13. Peerfly

Peerfly affiliate program has been around since January 2009 and they have been waxing strong. Mainly into lead generation CPA, CPl and CPS, Peerfly is strict with their acceptance procedure but they are reliable in terms of paying their affiliates. With over 2000 programs listed, you sure have a variety of choices. With a 2-tier reward system, monthly/weekly pay dates, and payments made by Paypal, Check, Ach, and Wire, you will find this network very rewarding. Even though Peerfly does not easily admit people into their network, they still manage to make our top 15 affiliate programs for 2016.

14. Trade Tracker

Founded in 2004, Trade Tracker is a UK-based European network available in different languages. This network with wide market is easy to join, and everything is done transparently, enabling affiliates to see how much advertisers are paying for the products they are promoting. The minimum payout is 20 EUR. This acclaimed best European affiliate network is getting stronger by the day; and in 2016, it is a sure place to earn extra cash. Click here to open a free affiliate account with Trade Tracker and increase your chances of earning big this year. I am currently promoting JewelBlaster, an interesting game from

15. Lunarpages

The last but not the least name on the top 15 affiliate programs list is the Lunarpages affiliate program. Lunarpages is a web hosting company with several hosting plans capable of raking in money for you in 2016. You can earn as much as up to $300 per referral; their domain name purchase attracts a 15% commission on the total price. Minimum payout is $50 for Paypal, check or hosting credit while wire transfer is $500. Payment is done monthly. Click here to open an affiliate account with Lunarpages and add to your income streams.


Affiliate programs and networks remain some of the best ways to make money in 2016. Getting the best programs to promote is a sure way to beat the current world economic meltdown and live the kind of life you have always desired. Remember that making money with affiliate programs requires some level of hard work. First, take action; look for quality programs to promote, and then get down to work. When you recommend the products to your friends and blog readers and they buy through your link, you make some affiliate commissions in the process. These top 15 affiliate programs have been carefully selected because of their track records, and for the fact we believe they are well positioned to earn good money this year. I wish you the best as you pursue your dreams.

Is there any other program/network you feel I should have included here? This post was not meant to be exclusive; please share with us those programs that I could not include on the list. Remember to leave your comment in the comment box below. Subscribe to my mailing list so that you can get my regular updates.

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