Top 32 Bitcoin Affiliate Programs to Help You Earn Bitcoin

It is no longer news that Bitcoin is the power player in the cryptocurrency business right now. The question you should be asking yourself is if you still stand any chance of acquiring some Bitcoins. What if I told you that you could still earn Bitcoins legitimately into your own wallet, won’t you grab the opportunity with both arms? Bitcoin affiliate programs are programs designed to enable you to earn some Bitcoin in case you missed out from the original opportunity of being a Bitcoin holder.

Well, you don’t have to rue your lost chances anymore. You can now console yourself with the fact that there are several opportunities to compensate you for what you couldn’t get when the chance presented itself.

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In this post, I shall show you the top Bitcoin affiliate programs that can help you get the cryptocurrency that could make you rich in no time. A lot of people are making it and I believe you too can. Don’t you think you can?

What are these affiliate programs really? Here is a list of the ones I have been able to follow up based on the reviews a lot of the users have written on different websites. I am sure you will love them by the time you have read this post.

As you may have been aware, I get paid for some products and services that I write about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in that I review their products. If you click on the links and purchase any of the products, I get rewarded with some commissions for my efforts.

However, that does not in any way influence my personal opinion of the products. I always try to give my sincere opinion of the products I review after extensive research on them.

Top 32 Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Having the crypto currency will enable shop in online places where Bitcoin is accepted. Besides, you can sell some anytime you wish and make some dollars or you can use some to acquire other cryptocurrencies that are relatively cheaper and make more profits in the long run. Here are the places where you can easily and legitimately acquire some Bitcoin for yourself and join the elite Bitcoin holders’ club.

1. SimpleFX

This brokerage company located in Saint Vincent and Grenadines makes it possible for customers to trade in Bitcoin and 60 other currency pairs as well as on precious metals. They make use of a MetaTrader 4 platform for their trading.

SimpleFX is really simple; traders can open an account with just $1 since they have no minimum initial deposit. You can make your purchase with credit card and PayPal. The good news is that you don’t pay any fees for crypto deposits or withdrawals, and verification of identity is not required.

Commission: For each trader you refer to SimpleFX, you earn from 5% to 25% commission on their trading spread, depending on the category of the trader. You also earn 5% off the customers that your referral sends to them too. Earnings are for a lifetime, so long as the customer remains with them.
Join the SimpleFX Affiliate Program Here.

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2. LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins helps you acquire Bitcoins and also to sell the ones you have if you wish to. Simply put, it is a platform that brings Bitcoin buyers and sellers together to do business. With LocalBitcoin, people are connected from different countries.

The platform is easy to use because sellers put up their coins for sales and they are displayed for prospective buyers to see. If the displayed prices are okay to the buyers, they get in touch to finalize a deal.

Commission: 20% of the LocalBitcoin fee paid by the person you refer. Make more money by referring more customers.
Join the LocalBitcoin Affiliate Program Here.
If you are from the USA, join the program here.

3. BitMEX

BitMEX is a trading platform which belongs to HDR Global Trading Limited. It is a platform where you can trade on currencies like US Dollars, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan. You can also trade on digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Fatcoin, Ethereum Classic, Augur, Monero, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Their transaction fees are moderate and the verification process is simple. All you need to do is verify your email address. You can start trading after verification and there’s no limit on the amount of trading you can carry out.

Commission: this is one of the top bitcoin affiliate programs out there. Your affiliate commission is in three categories – 10%, 15% and 20%, depending on the type of trader you refer. A customer is credited to you if he completes registration within 7 days of using your affiliate link. Payouts are made every day at 12:01 UTC.
Join the BitMEX Affiliate Program Here.

4. Keepkey

Keepkey is a Bitcoin hardware wallet that is highly respected because of the popularity of its hardware. It is better designed and even bigger than Ledger and Trezor. Its downside is that it is a bit expensive. The expensive side is easily overlooked by users who are willing to invest anything to secure their crypto-investments. The hardware costs $249

Commission: You get 10% of the sale cost. If you refer other affiliates, you are rewarded with 5% of their earnings. If the customer you refer buys the hardware, you earn $24.9 and that is earned once per customer.
Join the Keepkey affiliate program Here.

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This platform was established in 2013, making it the first cloud mining provider. The London based platform has more than a million users and it’s a multifunctional currency exchange where users can purchase Bitcoin.

They accept credit cards for the purchase of Bitcoin and bank wire from certain countries, though not all countries are accepted. The platform does not serve some US states. So, make sure to check whether or not your state is accepted if you are from the US; if you are outside the USA, confirm what payment method is acceptable in your country. allows three types of account – Basic, Verified, and Individual Business & Corporate. While the other account types have some levels of restriction on the amount of Bitcoins they can buy per day or month, Individual Business & Corporate account owners can purchase unlimited amount of Bitcoins.

Commission: You get 30% of the fees charges your referral on the transactions he/she makes, including all the purchases or sales they make in the future. Commissions are earned for a lifetime, so long as the referral remains with
Join Affiliate Program through this link.

6. Ava Trade

AvaTrade is a forex company that enables people to trade on Bitcoin. With the site you can easily speculate the prices of Bitcoin and take advantage when necessary either to buy or sell. Ava Trade gives you different trading platforms (automated and manual), with over 250 trading instruments, charts, multiple analytical tools and indicators to enable you do your trading without hassles.

The minimum deposit required for trading is $100 and you can make your deposit through credit cards, PayPal, bank wire, NeTeller, Webmoney and Moneybookers. You can withdraw your funds with the Ava Debit card. Your withdrawal request can sometimes take up to 5 days for the money to be transferred.

Commission: You make commissions through revenue share or CPA. For every trader you refer, you earn between $75 and $400. With the CPA, you earn $250 when the customer you refer spends $100. Payouts are made monthly.
Join the Ava Trade Affiliate Program through this link.

7. Trezor

This is a hardware wallet which Bitcoin holders are using to safely store their currency offline. With the software, Bitcoin holders are able to protect their investment. Trezor offers its users secure cold storage with the power to spend as though using a hot wallet.

Trezor is able to protect its user from both physical and virtual theft; it simply helps you keep your Bitcoin away from thieves. You buy the hardware with $99 and thereafter, you set up your special PIN and paraphrase which nobody can hack because they are never delivered via an internet server.

Commission: You earn up to 10% commission when your referrals purchase the hardware. Commissions are earned once per sale. When a customer spends $100, you receive $10 as a commission. This is paid in Bitcoin and payments are made monthly.
Join the Trezor Affiliate Program Here.

8. SpectroCoin

SpectroCoin is an online wallet provider and a platform for the exchange of Bitcoin. SpectroCoin is based in London and their card makes it possible for users to pay through Bitcoin at any ATM or to do shopping in any part of the world.

With SpectroCoin’s card, you can move your money in dollars, euro or pound sterling. One can also access the wallet and the exchange through Windows, iOS or Android Apps and one can as well top up the account through SEPA transfers.

Commission: Spectrocoin is one the top bitcoin affiliate programs to join. You get 10% commission or more from all the fees that your referrals pay. Payments are made every day and there is no minimum payout limit.
Join the SpectroCoin Affiliate Program Here.

9. Ledger Wallet

Ledger wallet is a hardware wallet which Bitcoin holders can use to store their Bitcoins offline. It comes in different models and provides a secure way of storing one’s Bitcoin. It enables you to hook up your Bitcoin wallet with other wallets such as coinkite and mycelium.

The wallet simply interfaces with your computer via a Chrome application that runs on your computer. It can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. Once set up, you can use Ledger wallet for various coins such as BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, STRAT and ZEC.

Commission: You receive 15% of the net sale from your referral (without the inclusion of VAT and shipping). When a customer spends $100, you are paid $15 in Bitcoin. Commissions are earned once per sale and payments are made monthly, automatically into your Bitcoin address.
Join the Ledger Wallet Affiliate Program through this link.

10. Virwox

Virmox makes it possible for you to buy Bitcoin through SLL, the currency which is used for the game second life. You make 20% commission on the money your referral pays to Virmox. Commissions are earned for lifetime as long as the referral remains with Virmox.

This program is tested to work and your minimum payout depends on the payment method used for the withdrawal.
Join the Virmox affiliate program here

11. 247Exchange

247Exchange is a trusted Bitcoin exchange that enables customers from different parts of the world to purchase Bitcoins with their debit card, credit card and wire transfers.

You earn 30% commission on the fees every of your referrals pays to 247Exchanges. Your commissions are paid for life so long as the referral remains with them. You equally receive an additional 30% commission on the earnings made by the client referred by that your referral.

When a referral spends $100, you get $0.858 (paid in Bitcoin).
Commission: Your commission is paid for a lifetime. Minimum earning for payout is $1 and payments are made monthly.
Join the 247Exchanges Affiliate Program Here.

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12. Xcoins

Xcoins is a peer-to-peer platform where people can lend Bitcoin to one another. Nationals of all countries are accepted and they accept MasterCard, Visa card and PayPal for payments. While this platform is highly trusted, their transaction fee is a bit on the high side.

The site is pretty easy for newcomers to use and credit card/PayPal are accepted for payments. You need to be on your guard when using the site to transact Bitcoin business as scammers can easily rob you of your Bitcoin.

Commission: You get 20% commission of the Xcoins loan origination fee. Besides, you earn 5% through your tier 2 affiliates. When a

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