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We all know that a good site can make or break our business in these modern times. Opting for a good site for advertising our business has become the most common scenario. Out of all different platforms available today as for running blogs or websites; WordPress is the most commonly used. But having a site for yourself in WordPress will not be of any help to your business unless you have a site that truly reflects you. Your site has to be a reflection of your services. One way to enjoy your site is to make use of the best web hosting for WordPress.

Why settle for WPoven Web hosting?

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This is why most of the users opt for WPoven. WPoven is the number one host today in the market. They have been tagged the best web hosting for WordPress because their services are specially tailored to suit WordPress sites and blogs. They have a wide range of programs and schemes, including dedicated cloud hosting, which is more economical than any other host. They have a team of excellent WordPress experts who dedicate their time to the development of your site. They also make sure that every client experiences the best of the WPoven affiliate make.

Every individual account that is associated with WPoven has the privilege of getting their VPS without sharing with any other. WPoven creates sites with mix themes and plug-ins for a quicker deployment and better search engine optimization. They understand the need of presentation and the miracles that come by when you have a great looking site. This is why they provide premium themes with great looks waiting for your sites. Out of all the hosting sites available, WPoven boasts of being the fastest host that can set up your site in minutes.

The features of WPoven make it stand out among all the other WordPress hosting sites. WPoven is the most economic website host with a wide range of features like firewall, varnish caching, Dos service, malware protection, daily backups etc. They have the best anti-hacking support. The number of sites managed by this company that has won the name as the best web hosting for WordPress is unlimited under any kind of hosting plans you choose. They have great storage starting from 10Gb and lasting up to 320Gb SSD. All these amazing game facilities are provided to us at a starting price of just $19.95/month.

We can even upgrade or downgrade between the provided plans with the help of their support staff. WPoven web hosting gives us the chance to create a copy of our site without taking down the main sites and can also act as a demo. They have a staff that is at our service at any time of the day all year. WPoven also provides a daily backup, and with just a single click all these backups will be on s3. No wonder their users see them as the best web hosting for WordPress.

They also conduct analysis for our sites and read time server statistics for our server. We can also compare all the other hosting services available with WPoven on their site. The detailed explanation and statistics provided makes it very clear that this is the number one service provider in the market today without any doubt. They are the only hosting providers who do not count the number of sites and who do not put a limit on the number of visitors. This is a clear proof of their dedication towards the development of their client’s sites. Subscribe to a hosting package now and start to enjoy these special features.

WPoven Affiliate Program

Apart from providing you web hosting services, WPoven is fully committed to helping you make money to enable you to afford the basic things of life. This they do by allowing you to participate in their affiliate program. Once you sign up for their affiliate program, you are given banners and tracking cookies to place on your site in order to track all customers coming to your site and pay you accordingly.

Once a person you referred signs up and purchases a hosting package, you get 100% of the first months’ payment or a minimum of$50, depending on which one is more. Tracking cookies last for years, minimum payout is $100 and done monthly after 60 days in order to avoid chargeback.

So if you are desirous to make money on a regular basis, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sign up now for their affiliate program and start to earn money right away. Remember that the more customers you refer to them the more money you can make. Click here to open your personal affiliate account and start making extra money.

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